Question of the Week: Daniel Riley

I recently had the chance to talk with Gold City baritone Danny Riley before a recent concert.

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DJM: So I understand you’re working on a recording with Michael English. Is this your first time to work with Michael English?

Danny: No, it’s not our first time. He was involved in our Revival album, just on four songs. So we worked with him then. But he is solely producing this album. We’re real excited about it. You know, me, and Bruce, and Josh came up during the Michael English era. So it’s incredible for us. So we’re really excited about working with him. If you’ve ever heard any of the Southern Gospel stuff he’s done, he is a master in the studio. So we’re pretty fired up about it.

DJM: Any songs you’re particularly excited about?

Danny: Yeah. We have a song that Bruce is singing called “Lord of Life.” It’s a brand new song that Jim Brady wrote. Great song. It’s a big balled. So we’re excited about that song. We’ve got some good quartet stuff on there. We went back and picked up an old Dixie Hummingbirds song. Dixie Hummingbirds was a black quartet, and we picked up one of their songs, called “It Won’t Be Long.” And it’s gonna be extremely cool. It’s really good.

There’s a lot of great songs. Jim Brady wrote several of the songs. We’ve got a lot of great writers on there. So we’re real excited about the songs. Josh re-cut “I Stand Redeemed” for this CD. It’s an incredible arrangement. So there’s a lot of good stuff.

We’ve got twelve songs on this record. So we’re real excited about it.

DJM: All right! About when will it be coming out, and where can people get it?

Danny: We hope that it’ll be coming out in August/September, right in there. You can order it online through our website,, or you can go to your Christian bookstore and get it there, or get it from our concerts. Or if you’re going to NQC, pick it up there.

DJM: Thank you very much!

Danny: Thank you, Daniel!

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  1. Danny Riley is a tremendous singer and while I’m not a huge Gold City fan I’m looking forward to hearing this new album!

  2. I like the part at the end where Danny says “Thank you David”, haha. Looking forward to the cd.