Concert Review: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (Anderson, IN)

Earlier this evening, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound did a live video taping for their Cathedrals Tribute 2 DVD / 2 CD project that’s coming out later this year.

  • Wedding Music – featuring bass singer Tim Duncan. Ernie Haase’s power tag was so strong that his almost-unamplified voice could be heard in the balconies before he lifted the microphone to his mouth.
  • Step Into the Water – featuring Tim. Energetic, and the audience loved it.
  • Boundless Love – Remember the power tag, modulating up several times at the end? Ernie Haase sang both that and a third above that at multiple points.
  • I’m Gonna Live Forever – featuring Ernie. The lyric about name hung on lights on a marquee was slightly ironic given the setting, but I suppose, literally speaking, it wasn’t hung in lights.
  • Yesterday – featuring lead singer Devin McGlamery. He did a great job on a song typically thought of as a bass solo.
  • Oh What a Savior – featuring Ernie, and, of course, receiving a massive standing ovation. If Ernie puts this song this early in the program, you know very good things are in store for later. There’s a little musical riff at the end of the line “His hands were nail scarred” in the final chorus where, in his early Cathedrals days, Ernie used to go up to the fifth (high D-flat, with a brief E-flat) instead of singing a straight third (B-flat); fittingly for a Cathedrals tribute project, he revisited that little riff. While many of the songs had new, creative twists, this is a song so long associated with Haase that this nod back to the original arrangement was a little gem for Cathedrals buffs passionate enough to be paying attention to the little details.
  • Old Convention song – band members Wayne Haun (at piano) and Tracey Phillips (at keyboard) swapped spots, and Phillips offered a fantastic convention-style intro, so good that Haase stopped the song and had her do it again.
  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus – five-part acapella arangement, featuring pianist Wayne Haun on the fifth part.
  • Sinner Saved By Grace – baritone Doug Anderson and lead Devin McGlamery both had solos. Doug’s solo was one of the strongest of the night; I wasn’t entirely sure what to think of the first few lines of Devin’s solo, but he finished so strongly that the song would have to go down as one of the night’s highlights.
  • My Heart is a Chapel – featuring Ernie. This is the first of a string of songs from their Influenced projects that weren’t actually recorded by the Cathedrals, but Haase tied them into the program by discussing how much the groups who came before had inspired the Cathedrals.
  • Swinging on the Golden Gate – featuring Doug.
  • Walk With Me – featuring Ernie. Bill Gaither came out to play piano on this one. He is masterful at getting an audience to underestimate his skills, whether on piano or otherwiseβ€”and just as good in turning that audience mis-calcuation around into getting a strong response for the song he’s setting up. The song received a standing ovation.
  • Can He, Could He, Would He. On this song, Wayne Haun came on stage playing a tuba – the wraparound sort where the player stands inside. Tracey Phillips was also playing a different instrument – perhaps a flute, but it was somewhat hard to tell from the balcony. Several children came up and started dancing part-way through the song; I thought I spotted Doug Anderson’s daughters, so it was probably planned, but it was still a fun little touch.
  • Life Will Be Sweeter Someday
  • Mexico – Wayne Haun moved from piano to xylophone on this one, and Tracey Phillips played a Mexican gourd-based rattle percussion instrument. A stage hand came out with sombreros midway through the song and placed one on each member’s head, providing for a nice little comedic moment.
  • [There may have been another song here, but I can’t read my notes scribbled hastily in near-darkness; check Nate Stainbrook’s blog for the song. Nate and I sat together, and I know he was also taking notes.]
  • Beulah Land – featuring Squire Parsons on a surprise guest vocal. Parsons got a standing ovation upon walking out on stage.
  • God Delivers Again – featuring Tim.
  • He Made a Change – featuring Doug, who delivered a spot-on perfect rendition. Co-author Joel Lindsey was in the audience and was recognized from stage. Haase and Duncan delivered power tenor and bass parts, respectively.
  • Movin’ up to Gloryland – Haase had the drummer, bass guitarist, and several band members do the “moo-oo-oo-oovin'” part on the chorus; Tim Duncan provided a great comedy moment when he asked to (and attempted) the part.
  • Haase introduced several of the songwriters (Joel Lindsey, Dianne Wilkinson) and family members (Glen’s and Roger’s widows, and numerous members of the Payne and Younce families). These were some of the most moving moments of the evening.
  • Laughing Song – George Younce’s son George Lane sang the first verse – the only verse with words. Though he might not have the same level of range or command that fifty years of stage performance gave his father, his voice has a very similar tone and timbre, and it was one of the night’s most unexpected pleasant surprises.
  • I Thirst – featuring Doug and Ernie. Simple, laid-back, but incredibly emotive performance. It’s one of those night’s hidden highlights that will bear up well under dozens of replays.
  • Champion of Love – featuring Wayne Haun. Standing ovation, and Wayne is now on his way to being known for his vocal abilitiesβ€”much like another pianist a quarter-century ago who was not known for vocal abilities until the song came out.
  • Plan of Salvation – featuring Tim
  • We Shall See Jesus – featuring Devin McGlamery on the first verse, group harmonies on the second, and a video replay of Glen Payne singing the last verse (from the Cathedrals’ Farewell video). While I would have liked to hear the audience response had Devin carried the song all the way through, bringing Glen in was probably the safest route, and . . . what can I say, it worked, and it’s hard to argue with success. The new arrangement brought the house down, with a decibel level approaching twice the response to anything else all night.
  • Gaither Medley (Gentle Shepherd / Something About That Name / I Will Serve Thee / Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You)
  • Search Me – video of George & Glen singing the song, again from the Cathedrals’ Farewell project.
  • This Old House – featuring Tim. The audience stood through the whole song.
  • Boundless Love encore – audience stood throughout.

This should make for an enjoyable two-DVD set, to be released some time within the next few months.

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  1. Awesome, can’t wait to get it. I’m not sure if I’ve come around on Devin yet, but if there’s anything southern gospel quartets have taught me it’s that change is inevitable.

  2. Ernie originally sang higher on O.W.A.S. as it was originally in G and he took some extra liberties as well.

    • He originally cut it in G, but within a few years – we’re talking mid-90s by this point – he’d figured out that his sweet spot was one half-step lower, in F-sharp, and that’s where he’s done it ever since (except for with the Old Friends Quartet, where he did it in F, but I’m suspecting that was because of Jake’s range and not his).

      For all the talk over the years about lowering it, seriously, a half step is so minor as to almost not be worth mentioning. πŸ™‚

      • It seems to me that they did it a half step lower than G on Nashville Now (Roger actually flubbed a note on the piano intro because his finger slipped from what I can tell). However, it seems to me that they lowered it again to F during the time of the Cathedrals, but I might be remembering wrong.

      • I know he did it at F-sharp with the Cathedrals at points, and at every point (at least through yesterday, where I’m not sure) that he’s done it with EHSS, it’s been F-sharp.

      • Actually, it was Gb (just kidding…Enharmonic joke.)

      • I always told my brother that no one played in F# – always G flat, because piano players don’t like to play in sharp keys.

        Have you ever seen music written in F#?

      • I have – on transposition from E.

      • OK. And I wasn’t saying it absolutely didn’t exist, just wondering. It’s not in the church hymnal!

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how the edited videos compare to the write up here. I’m always awed by the power of a good, creative editing team. I hope they include lots of B-Roll.

  4. My review will be up on Monday… I am still debating on whether to do the story version or one similar to this…

    And about the song after Mexico, you have it right on this review… The next song was indeed Beulah Land…

    I had a wonderful night, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the CD set and DVD set…

    • OK, thanks!

    • I think a story version would be cool Nate. You’re good at that kind of thing, and it would make it different from Daniel’s.

  5. Man sounds like an awesome night! But i wish they wouldn’t have redone songs like Oh what a Savior and He Made a Change cuz they’ve already done those…instead i woulda liked to have seen maybe Ernie do Death Has Died which he wrote anyways or songs like I Can See The Hand and things. But this list looks great too! Can’t wait til the CD/DVD comes out.

    • I think you might be underestimating the appeal OWAS has for Ernie’s fans. He can’t leave the building till he’s sung it, at least most nights. πŸ™‚

      He did, interestingly, put it early in the program instead of as the closer.

      • George used to call for “Oh,What A Savior” early in the program back in the Cathedrals days. Maybe that’s why Ernie did it that way.

      • That is a good point. I think it was really only in the EHSS programs that it would close out concerts. On the Cats’ Farewell DVD, it was the 4th song.

        I think Ernie recognized that this night wasn’t for him, but it was to honor George and Glen. It was okay to do it early on, to get it out of the way before the songs G/G were known for.

        Smart decision, E.

  6. Daniel – did you not have a little light for the concert? (You do know what I’m referring to, yes?) That made me laugh – I’ve had the same experience trying to read my scribbles afterwards! (Swingin on the Golden Gate looked kinda like Singing in Molten Nuts…or something.) πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to see it. Think the release date is Oct 26th…?

    • There’s a little light on the floor, but virtually none in the balcony!

      • I was referring to the little hand-held jobbers that show up at concerts (ie, Bill’s “Let me see your lights!”). I’ve got quite the collection running around in the bottom of my purse. If I’d have known, you could’ve borrowed one. πŸ™‚

      • There weren’t any in use there – at least, not that I saw. πŸ™‚

      • You need one of those pens with a tiny LED light around the point. (I think they may still sell them in CBD, but they’re so cheap they stop writing well after a while.) It lets you see about a 1-inch radius, and I can’t think it’d be bright enough to disturb your neighbors – you probably could shield it with your hand. It’s certainly not like using your cell as a flashlight, which I can believe would be annoying.

  7. And this is one more thing…let me know if yall agree that Doug Anderson deserves a little more credit than he gets. And im even going as far as to say he deserves a Baritone of the year award. Id even vote for him for Male Vocalist if David Phelps isn’t on the list. Doug Anderson has such an amazing voice. I mean he can go from singing a slow but powerful song Forgiven Again, then turn around and sing a BIG vocal song like Until We Fly Away and then go ANOTHER directiong and sing something like Tonight and nail all 3 of them. He deserves much more credit and he’s such a genuine guy too. Met him 4 times and he was awesome every time!!! Let’s give Doug a little more credit.

    • I didn’t say anything against his incredible vocal abilities here, did I?

    • Who’s “us” Josh? πŸ™‚ I’ve always loved Doug, Daniel was very complimentary of his rendition of “Sinner Saved By Grace” and “He Made a Change,” Doug’s name comes up wherever people are asking “Who’s your favorite baritone,” what else do you want? πŸ˜‰

      • Fully agree – with some exception hereabouts, Doug in the wider sphere of things does not seem to get the recognition he deserves, though he seems to have carried more solo parts in this performance and – by the reports – done so with real authority.

        Doug Anderson is overdue a ‘Baritone of the Year’ Award.

        Seems to have been a good night, we all have our list of Cat’s Fave’s and maybe some would have swapped a couple of those featured for one or two left on the shelf…

        Overall the impact seems to be Ernie had a personal tour-de-force, Doug and Tim nailed there solos, Wayne stepped up big time – and – Devin is, so far, a wee bit out of his league? NO?

      • The impression I got was that Devin was a bit unsteady but tended to pick up steam as his features progressed, finishing out really strong each time. Sounds to me like he did a more than adequate job.

        Would that be accurate, Daniel?

      • No, actually, that wouldn’t be accurate.

        There was just that one solo where he seemed a little unsure of himself, but he picked up steam by the end of the verse, and totally nailed the tag. On others, like “We Shall See Jesus,” he was spot on throughout.

      • Ah! Well see there it was even better than I thought. And actually, I think he’s getting better all the time—I was very impressed with him when I saw the group in concert myself recently. Ernie definitely knew what he was doing when he hired him.

      • Doug is definitely right there with Jim Brady and, well, Marshall Hall (even though he isn’t in a quartet right now) for best baritone.

      • Just to put Dougie in that company says a lot. Maybe he hasn’t Marsh’s ‘polish’, but he is indeed worthy of such a peer group.

      • I *much* prefer Doug to Marsh. I like his style better—it’s cleaner to my ears.

        Jim might be tied though—very talented as well.

    • I heard Ernie say one time, several years ago now, that he thought Doug was the best singer in the group. It kind of befuddled me at the time. Now, after seeing them live many times, Id agree with Ernie.

      • Ernie was being modest, but I think at the end of the day Ernie himself is a greater singer than Doug. But that’s taking nothing away from Doug, hugely talented in his own right.

      • We really are splitting hairs aren’t we :o)

    • I would agree! Doug Anderson is definitely long overdue for a “Baritone of the Year” Award..I would also put him in the “Male Vocalist of the Year” category. He is such a kind,genuine man! I’ve met him on several occasions and was at the taping in Anderson. He did an AMAZING job…as always. He is always so encouraging to the others as well, I’ve noticed. Just a great guy!!

    • Let’s give Doug lots of credit,I 100% agree Doug Anderson has an amazing voice:
      Baritone of the year award and Male Vocalist he deserves. In Forgiven Again
      you really know you are Forgiven Again..
      Would be great to have him in more leads in EHSS…We need to make sure Doug receives more credit….

    • I could not agree more! Love Doug for the man he is as well as his voice. Maybe he’ll get the credit he deserves when his new solo CD comes out in May.

      • I probably won’t think twice about buying it unless I suddenly don’t like the samples…which somehow I don’t anticipate…

  8. “God Delivers Again.” Wow, really good stuff, and so much better than the original. I love the way they slowed it down and gave it more of a “swing.” Sort of like a lighter version of “Don’t Be Afraid.”

  9. Daniel, thank you for an amazing review. This along with Nate’s twitter updates made it feel like we were actually there too. And boy, I wish I was.

    I heard from the EHSS message board that there was actually a marriage proposal last night at the concert. Very cool.

    • Really?!? Well, it didn’t happen during the concert, and I didn’t see it.

      • Inspired by “Wedding Music” possibly…? πŸ˜€

      • No, it didn’t happen during the concert. It was after most people had left and the guys were gathered around them, it was so sweet!!

    • You mentioned an EHSS message board. Where is that? I thought Ernie discontinued it. Please let me know where. Thank you.

  10. Whoa whoa i ain’t talking bout you Daniel im saying the southern gospel “world” in general. That’s all. ANd i do think Ernie shoulda sang Oh What A Savior for sure but maybe not necessarily used a spot on the album for it. Know what i mean? I think you do give Doug credit he deserves i’m just saying like he maybe deserves some more talk by people and maybe an award or two. Lol

    • Oh, OK, good. The way the original comment sounded, I was starting to think that you thought I was running him down somewhat. (Certainly wasn’t my intention!)

    • Well Josh, if they had put it on the CD I absolutely could see your point. They’ve recorded it so many times I’m sure they won’t do that though. However, for the live DVD, I think it makes sense. It’s so interwoven with Ernie’s history and with the Cats’ history that the night just wouldn’t have been complete without it (IMO).

  11. After reading the review when I got home this afternoon don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until we have them October 16 in Dalton, GA. I know it’s gonna be a great evening. Like the line up of songs they did. Thanks Daniel for making the trip and doing the review.

    • You’re welcome!

      I saved the best for last; watch for another post tomorrow morning. πŸ™‚

      • You’ve got us on pins and needles!!! What could you possibly mean after a full review like that?

        Aaaaargh. πŸ™‚

      • This is just the best I could dash off half-asleep late at night.

        I have something coming tomorrow that will actually make you feel like you were there. πŸ™‚

      • Could it be an audio interview with Dianne Wilkinson… πŸ˜‰

      • While you are waiting for Daniels big post… You can meander over to my modest little blog and read my modest (well not to modest) review of last night… πŸ™‚

      • Lovin’ it so far Nate. Quick question though: Are you sure Ernie sang OWAS in F and not F#? Because he’s almost always sung it in F# that I can recall…

  12. I was there for the taping last night. I thought it was an amazing evening & Ernie did a great job on picking the songs. The weakest part was Devin’s solo parts. Hate to have to say that. Tim did a really great job. That was probably the hardest part of all & he nailed it. I’m sure George & Glen would approve immensely. Also, the fans WANT to hear Ernie sing Oh What a Savior. Doug always does an outstanding job. Just watch him on stage. He’s a natural with lots of talent. A great guy! Just loved the whole program.

    • your right that was typo on my part… Thanks for catching that!

      • Most welcome! And I’m glad to hear it was just a typo, because from my perspective, the higher the better. πŸ™‚ Which is why I’m REALLY looking forward to the new arrangement of “Boundless Love.” πŸ˜€ Rock on, Ernie! A tenor’s tenor if ever I did see one.

  13. Sounds like a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing it with us. πŸ™‚

  14. “tuba – the wraparound sort where the player stands inside”

    That would be a sousaphone. πŸ˜‰

    • LOL I thought all tubas were wraparound. Thanks for making me feel stupid guys. LOL

      • Josh,
        I think Chris was just giving you the specific name for what you were describing rather than correcting you for calling it a tuba.

        Tubas come in several shapes and varieties, one of which is the sousaphone designed for ease of use in a marching band. It would be improper to refer to a standard concert tuba as a sousaphone, but it’s fine to refer to a sousaphone using the more generic term “tuba.”

      • Chris – I saw Wayne walk on stage with that, and my immediate thought was, “that’s a sousaphone!” But after Ernie called it a tuba, you could count me as among the royally confused! πŸ™‚

  15. For those questioning Devin’s performance, I’m curious as to why that is. I wonder if people may misinterpret the calm, smooth, rich qualities of his voice as being weaker or lacking confidence….

    I don’t want to turn this into a debate or anything because I wasn’t there and I guess I don’t know for sure how strong his performance was. All I know is that if people heard Ryan followed by Devin singing a particular song, they may assume Ryan’s performance was stronger because his voice is more powerful.

    Just my two cents.

    • Josh, it was just on the one song. On all the other songs, he was strong from start to finish. There was just the one where the first line or two seemed a little weak, but finished strong.

      But, after all, everyone’s human. I’m pretty certain they’ll be fixing the first few notes of Tim’s solo on Wedding Music. And that’s fine with me – I know they’re human, and that’s what overdubs afterwards are for! πŸ™‚

      • I know you were just talking about the one song, but others, and not just on this blog, seem to reflect the same thought.

        Good call on the post-production editing. I’m sure they’ll have that fixed up and perfected for the DVD.

  16. I think a facebook comment like this from Carla Payne to Ernie sums it up pretty well:

    So Proud of you. Last night couldn’t have been any better…..of course, other than Dad and George on stage with you. I know they were watching and cheering you on as we were. I’ve stayed away from concerts for 10 years cuz it was so hard to be there without Dad. But last night, I was truly blessed by you honoring my Dad. Love you and Lisa!

    • Oh wow… TISSUES!!! That’s beautiful.

  17. Oh, and I would most certainly have noticed the extra riff in “OWAS” had I been there. I’d noticed that he seemed to be “retiring” it lately too. How awesome that he uncorked it again just for the tribute!

  18. Not germane, but related to GGS… Does anyone know when the Alaska tapings are to be released? “That’s Him” by the Hoppers from Alaska was featured on their “Best of” (released 7/27), but I haven’t heard anything about the full taping.

    • I believe I saw somewhere it will be released in January 2011.

  19. My question is, if they were going to do Influenced stuff on the tape anyway, why not make one of the songs be “Climbing Higher and Higher?” They’d get an Influenced song on video, and it happens to be a Cats cover anyway, so… why “My Heart is a Chapel” instead?

    • That is definitely a valid question, and one I’ve had myself. I know there had been a big debate on YouTube after Devin joined about whether Devin or Ryan sang it better. Maybe they wanted to avoid the critics, and keep the project focused on the Cathedrals and not on their somewhat recent lineup change?

  20. By my count, they did 28 songs. The CDs are only going to have 20 songs, if I remember correctly. So what 8 songs will not be on the CD?

    My guess:
    The 3 Influenced songs
    Search Me
    He Made A Change
    Beulah Land
    Laughing Song
    Plan of Salvation

    • Actually, I would guess that they might do a studio cut of “Plan of Salvation” and leave off “OWAS.” And I sure hope they do “Beulah Land!”

      • My thinking is that the CD is all studio cuts, not live (no sources to back that up), which is why I thought no Beulah Land.

      • True. But who says they haven’t done a studio cut of “Beulah Land?” πŸ˜‰

      • I’d be surprised. Squire Parsons sang it at the concert, and its not a Cathedrals song.

      • Actually, the Cathedrals did record it. And you could say the same about the Gaither medley they did—none of those are, strictly speaking, “Cathedrals songs.” Here’s an old clip of the Cathedrals doing “Beulah Land.”!

    • It looks like 24 songs made it onto the final cut of the DVD. I’m not seeing “Life Will Be Sweeter” or the Gaither medley on there, but everything else appears to have made it. Not sure about “Cleanse Me,” as it wasn’t listed as a track but may still be included in the concert. As for DVD performances that weren’t on the CD, they were:

      The 3 Influenced songs
      Beulah Land
      Laughing Song

      And actually that’s it, because the live performances of “Oh What a Savior” and “He Made a Change” ended up getting tacked on as bonus tracks at the end of the studio CD. Very cool!

      • I think the fact that LWBSS was on the CD, but not the DVD, makes me think it may be a DVD bonus feature.

      • Now that’s a thought… and come to think of it I saw the words “bonus track” used to refer to “LWBSS” and couldn’t figure out what it meant since it wasn’t a CD bonus. Maybe they meant it was a DVD bonus. In that case I really hope the Gaither medley is included as a DVD bonus too!

      • Where did you get your list from?

  21. I have heard that they have normally been featuring Wayne on “Beulah Land” We shall see if they include it on the CD set!

    • Interesting! That’s more evidence that they will.

      At any rate, I’m pretty confident they won’t be recording another version of “OWAS.” There’s simply no reason to put it on the CD set—although live is a different story, and of course the night wouldn’t have been complete without it.

    • Thank you for the update. I did not know they had been staging the song prior to the taping.

      • Nor did I—it would be great if somebody uploaded a video…

  22. Oh, for the record (like it matters) I believe Ernie actually sang “OWAS” with the extra riff in his early EHSS days for a while too. I know he did on Stand By Me Live and the self-titled DVD anyway.

    • Glad you clarified, for me anyway bro!

      i had been litening between SBML and SelfTitled and some of the Cat’s + Ernie recordings and I couldn’t work out what was missing!! πŸ™‚

      I do think OWAS on SBML is one of Ernie’s best recorded renditions of the song. I think that whole album, possibly because the EH&SS ‘package’ was not fully formed, comes over as a very “Cathedral’s” sound.

      It is the one album, where if playing as background music, I occasionally need to pull up the itunes menu to check; Is it Ernie with the Cathedral’s OR EH&SS?

      There are times, especially in live recordings, where Timmy captures the “George Yonce sound” almost perfectly!

      • That’s very interesting that you should say that. To some extent I agree, although I do think the sound is pretty noticeably different. But I do agree that stylistically speaking, it’s a very “Cats” sound. Maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorite albums by them.

        As for favorite rendition of “OWAS?” I like a lot of them in their own way—love how he never does it exactly the same twice. For a while I couldn’t keep them all straight. But here’s an attempt:

        Most fire: Unquestionably Ernie’s most passionate and powerful rendering of that number would have to be from the Cathedrals Alive! Deep in the Heart of Texas. He was just coming into his prime vocally, and the raw energy he brought that night was something to behold.

        Most polished: Speaking purely vocally, his most polished rendition would be with Signature Sound on Get Away Jordan. For a while it was my favorite for this reason. But I’ve come to prefer the “live band” feel for this song of late. The saxophone gets to be a bit much after a while.

        Best overall: Probably my favorite overall would be from the self-titled DVD. It had fire, like with the Cats, but it had just a little more control, a little more maturity. But he still had the high riff, and he still hit the high note on “join” rather than “chorus” (which he took to doing later). And I like the spoken “But I’ll not fear” which not all his renditions have had. All in all, I think everything came together perfectly for this rendition.

  23. It would be interesting once the DVD is out for you to go back and compare the final product to your thoughts from that night.

    That could be an interesting blog post. Gives readers an idea of how much things can change in the editing process.

  24. Just watched the DVD…thought it was great! But I didn’t like the new arrangement on “Sinner Saved By Grace” at all. Devin did alright on Glen’s second verse but I thought Tim should have taken the first part. I also was disappointed that Tim didn’t take the lead on “I Thirst”. As all Cat’s fans will recall, George had the lead on both of those. “Oh What a Savior,” “This Ole House”, “Mexico”, and “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” were spot on with the Cats. I loved “We Shall See Jesus”. I loved the Squire Parson’s appearance. I really wish that Ernie had had Wayne do a piano solo…would have been a nice throw-back to the Roger days. And I too don’t know why Ernie didn’t use “Climbing Higher and Higher” from Influenced or include “High snd Lifted Up” or “I Want to See Jesus” (especially since he did the lead on that one with the Cats). Overall, I really enjoyed it. I still would like to see Ernie do the Cat’s tribute right though and join with Scott, Mark, Danny and Gerald maybe at NQC in a complete reunion of the Cats like they did on “We Shall See Jesus” and “Boundless Love” at this year’s NQC. But overall, all Cat’s fans owe Ernie a big “Thank You”! Hearing George Layne sing was an added treat!

    • Yeah Jeffrey, from what I’ve seen I think I agree with most all your comments. I missed some of those you mentioned as well, especially “I Want to See Jesus.” But I think Ernie figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to do that one since he didn’t want the focus to be on him. But I really hope they go back and grab it for a later album.

      And “Sinner Saved by Grace” felt a little off to me too, but I actually thought Doug did fine on Verse 1. I think it may partly have been the arrangement generally that didn’t quite sit with me. Maybe the jazz twist?

  25. Love! The DVD.It is my first viewing of Devinand I am extremely impressed with that kid. To me, Devin’s job was to set up the song for Glen! -Devin handled it beautifully!!. Devin’s voice , control and stage presence was superb. I Certainly see why Ernie hired Devin and I am glad he did!!!


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