Jason Waldroup to leave Greater Vision

For a group that has spent almost twenty years on the road, Greater Vision has had a remarkably stable lineup. The trio has only ever had five members–two baritones, two tenors, and one lead–and their current lineup has been together for thirteen years.

That’s about to change, as the current Tenor of the Year (2007 Fan Awards), Jason Waldroup, has announced his resignation from the group. In a statement issued by the group, he said:

This is a decision I have been struggling with for more than a year, and the time has come for me to follow what I believe to be God’s will for my life. I have delayed this decision because of my love for what I’ve been privileged to do for the past thirteen years as a part of Greater Vision, and my relationships with Gerald and Rodney. They, along with Chad Baker, our Product Manager, are family to me, and they’re my closest friends. That has made this decision that much more difficult.

Gerald Wolfe and Rodney Griffin also offered their thoughts:

Jason is like a son to me, as well as being one of the closest friends I’ve ever had. None of us want to see him leave, but we have encouraged him to follow God’s leading, no matter what, and leave the consequences to Him. – Gerald

I will certainly miss standing beside Jason every night, but he has my full support as he moves into his next phase of ministry. – Rodney

This will be one of the most interesting personnel changes to watch this year, since Greater Vision could have their pick of just about any tenor on the road. Few tenors would take the offer lightly.

The group’s statement mentions that more details will be forthcoming.

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  1. What can I say …

    That headline on my feed hit me with more impact than just about any SG news ever has except someone dying.

  2. I find it a great thing that Jason will have a part in finding a replacement and training him as well. That’s something not a lot of groups get when someone leaves.

  3. Aaron, I don’t know if he had any input on the hiring, but I remember reading that Chris Allman stayed with the group for a few months after Jason joined GV and let him ease into the full time spot.

    Gerald will need all the help he can get with picking the replacement. Every Gospel singer with a higher voice than Gerald and Rodney will want a tryout! 🙂

  4. Wow…What can I say…(besides “I wish I could sing tenor”)

    No, seriously, I sincerely hope GV will find the right man for the job, and Sorry to see you go Jason…

  5. I am very sorry to see Jason go….but very happy that Jason is following what he believes to be God’s calling on his life. He has been such a special part of Greater Vision and he will be greatly missed. I think it’s wonderful that Jason will be involved in finding the new tenor, and I wish the group MUCH PATIENCE as they are bombarded by what I am sure will be an onslaught of eager tenors!:-)

  6. That is odd to see Jason go.

    Personally I think that Tony Jarman or Wes Hampton should join.

  7. I’d love to see Tony Jarman with a group again, especially Greater Vision. Unfortunately he has a reputation of not staying with a group for a very long period of time (compared to Jason’s 13 years with Greater Vision). In fact in 13 years he has joined and left Poet Voices, Legacy Five, and The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet. I believe there were a few years between PV and L5 that he wasn’t traveling so that makes his stays with the groups even shorter than they appear.
    I don’t see Wes Hampton going to Greater Vision and taking a pay cut plus having to travel more than he does now with the GVB.

  8. I hate to hear about Jason, but I feel confident Gerald will land an awesome tenor.

    I would love to see Jerry Thompson with Greater Vision. I think that would sound great.

  9. Quartet Fan, Jerry would be great in that spot.

  10. I liked my dad’s comment on this –

    He said that Jason will have the last laugh after all; Gerald and Rodney are pacing the floor now.

  11. If Brion Carter could still sing, (if my memory is right, he came off the road from PSQ because of permanent vocal problems) I think he’d do great with them.
    That would be good, but just imagine Gerald and Rodney singing with Danny Funderburke. WOW!

  12. That one appeals to me most of all I’ve heard yet.

  13. Terry Franklin could do the job….

  14. I really miss him so much even though i first heard of him.

  15. I was going to form a group called Vocal Ensemble for Christ. So sad I’m his no. fan.


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