Dolly Parton to appear at Singing News Fan Awards

Breaking News: Dolly Parton will be appearing at the Singing News Fan Awards this year, accepting the James D. Vaughan award.

[UPDATE] I initially indicated that further thoughts would come tomorrow morning, but on second thought, I’ll leave commentary to others. There is a great post slated for tomorrow morning that I don’t want to bump.

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  1. That is so nice that they are giving her an award & that she will attend. I think it’s great that Dollywood has always supported southern gospel music. Sure wish I could go to the awards program. Too bad that it is’nt at the NQC.

  2. Most deserving… Always very supportive of SG – her first love.

  3. I am dismayed to hear this, and frankly, more than a little disappointed in the Singing News.

    Southern Gospel has had this inferiority complex for years – that somehow, if we get celebrities from other fields, particularly secular music, to show up at our shows, somehow it lends some legitimacy to our music.

    But if our focus is on the King whom we serve, then what does it matter what singers in secular music are doing? If we stay “Faithful to the Cross,” that’s where we should find our identity – not in this inferiority complex mentality.

    • i agree with sg purist. my Bible teaches me that we are to come out from amongst them and be separated. Christians do not have to join in with the world to be successful.
      many secular artists have done a lot for southern gospel, but we also learn from the Word that sweet and bitter water does not come from the same fountain.
      either serve GOD or serve mammon.

  4. I think Dolly is as fine a choice as any, if you’re wanting to honor someone who has consistently allowed gospel music to be available to be heard by thousands upon thousands of people who would otherwise never attend a gospel concert outside of the theme park setting. I would dare say that more than just a handful of folks have fallen in love with gospel music through the Kingdom Heirs and the gospel music by others who have performed at Dollywood. And who knows what lives have been changed from it. I have no problem with this.

    As for your disappointment in the SN over this, SG Purist, I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask Singing News to take a number and stand in line. The Southern Gospel Music Guild honored Barbara Mandrell recently, as well as the Oak Ridge Boys, if I’m not mistaken, and at least these secular artists have done something for gospel music at one point in time, as has Ms. Parton. The NQC Board is bringing Sarah Palin to their show this year. Where does she fit in, in the grand scheme of doing something for gospel music?

    The Fan Awards and the Hall of Fame Ceremony are honoring plenty of our own this year. I don’t see a problem in honoring someone from a different genre as a thank you for helping promote southern gospel music–the greatest music in the world. If you only see it as an inferiority complex or a ploy to bring in people, I hope you will try to see it differently.

    If it is tastefully done and Dolly’s not made out to be God or the only one who has done anything ever for gospel music, I don’t have a problem with giving credit where credit is due. I don’t think her support of Gospel Music at Dollywood can be disputed at this point.

    • Dolly is very deserving of the award for all she has done to promote southern gospel…at least in my opinion. Just because she is a country musician, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be recognized for her efforts to spread the good news!

  5. This sort of thing is nothing new. From 1975 to 1986, the Dove Awards had a category for Album By A Secular Artist.

    By the way, the James D. Vaughan award is part of the SGMA Hall Of Fame’s portion of the program, not Singing News.

    Barbara Mandrell was the 2009 recipient.

  6. If it weren’t for Dolly Parton there may not ever have been a Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. I think that alone merits her for the Impact Award.

    Sadly, I think there are too many who could care less whether we have a Hall of Fame or not, so they’ll gripe about Dolly getting the award anyway.

  7. Dolly and Barbara are Christians, bear in mind. As we need to not judge others. As they are our brothers and sisters in Christ bear in mind.

    • I am not judging Dolly personally.

      However, as a Christian, I would not dress like that. I would not fund gay rights causes. And, if I had the vocal talent to sing, I would sing the Gospel.

      And I choose to support groups who have made that choice.

      • Amen!

        (filler, filler)

      • Dolly funds gay rights causes?? Well, well… ’tis a pity.

      • I’m not sure she funds them, but I have heard that she has supported such causes with her voice/platform, whether or not also with her pocketbook.