Sony’s Thoughts: Comfort One Another

I received a text from a man the other day who asked me to pray for him as he was having a very hard day. As I read his text, the words to “What a Day That Will Be” came to mind and, although I knew he would know the song, I began to wonder if he needed to be reminded of the words. The conference I was at was slow so I felt like I should take a few moments to try to encourage this Brother.

Now, those who know me know that I do not like calling people. For some reason, I get nervous doing so and it probably took about 20 minutes looking at his name on the screen of my cell phone with my hand on the green button before I finally pushed it. The phone rang and I began saying, “God, it’s fine if I get the machine. I’ll leave a message.” I know. It’s silly. I’m just giving you some insight into what goes on inside my mind. It would have been much easier to send a text back saying, “Praying” but in this particular instance, I felt like I needed to call and let him know I truly did care and would be praying.

The man answered the phone and I began to sing. About halfway through the first verse, he joined me and, although I was getting an interesting look from a boy who must have been around 12 years old, I was already glad I called. I really enjoyed our conversation and hung up feeling blessed myself.

In the course of our conversation, the man mentioned that a lot of his friends, although knowing what he’s going through, haven’t called to see how he’s doing. He said he understood that they probably don’t know what to say which made me wonder: Why do we think we need to say anything?! For myself, God placed a specific song on my heart to sing but at times, all a person really needs is to know that someone cares. Maybe that’s all we need to say. It’s not that hard to just pick up the phone and say “I love you.” Maybe your friend just needs someone to listen.

I know that, when I’m going through a difficult time, I figure that no one wants to hear about it and, most of the time, that’s probably true. But a true friend will be willing to listen to whatever a person wants to discuss. Whatever is weighing my friend down is important to me. I will not use the conversation as a “prayer request” which allows me the privilege of telling what I know but I will take the request to God myself. I will cover my friend as best I can and trust that God will give my Brother or Sister the strength they need to get through this difficult time. I would want my friend to do that for me and that’s the least I can do for my friend.

There is no greater comforter than the Holy Spirit but, if we’re in tune with the Spirit, I believe He will show us how to be a better encouragement than we’re currently being to those around us who are hurting.

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  1. Thank you for this Sony. You are so right… I for one can’t imagine having to comfort somebody close to me who’d suffered a loss. My first instinct would be to keep my distance and say nothing for fear of appearing to intrude on his privacy or of saying the wrong thing. But people really need other people when they’re suffering. And as you said, we can be mistaken in thinking we need to say anything at all. I know Steven Curtis Chapman and his family said something to that effect on Larry King shortly after losing their little girl. “Just sit with them,” Steven said. “Cry with them.” Sometimes that’s all we need to do…

  2. Amen Sony! Good stuff!

  3. Amen and another Amen…With JESUS in your heart you are never alone…God be
    with you…Joe Sahadi