Christianity Today features Candy Hemphill Christmas

Christianity Today posted a feature-length story on Candy Hemphill Christmas and her outreach to homeless in Nashville. Beyond doubt, the sound byte moment is:

A former southern gospel star who traveled with the Gaithers, she confesses, “I never even liked southern gospel. But it was, learn to sing southern gospel music or stay home with a babysitter!”

Sound bytes aside, it’s a fascinating read about what appears to be a vibrant and worthy ministry, and a window opening for a much needed revival in inner-city Nashville. Hemphill is also releasing a new CD of—interestingly, given the quote above—hymns and Southern Gospel songs that have been particularly meaningful to her during the six years she has been active with this ministry. Read the entire article here.

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  1. A fascinating read, and an amazing work. What struck me most forcibly as a first impression was, how a 3rd generation SG performer confessed to be in a field she “did not even like”.

    I would guess Candy was referring to the whole road-show experience, not just the music genre – hence her new Album being SG based, but it is sobering to think any of us could be in the front row, hands up in worship – and not even wanting to be where we are at.

    It makes one pause to wonder – how many second and third generation children of family in ministry, whatever field, look like they are part of the packaged family on the outside – and inside would rather be anywhere else?

    It is uplifting to read that Candy is fulfilled in what she is doing for the Lord in her present work.

    The Lord’s house will be filled with those from the “highways and hedges”, and I guess in our day of global urbanization, from under the bridges as well.

    • What I took from that is that she didn’t want to be involved in it at first. Perhaps it’s because it was kind of being “forced” on her. And as most young kids, if something is forced on them, they reject it. I know she has grown to love it. I’ve met her several times and she is a sweet woman whose faith is very active and authentic.

  2. I saw her when I was in high school – the late 80’s/early 90’s. She was singing contemporary music and it was awesome! I e-mailed her a few years ago to buy the CD (I had lost the cassette) and she said they were not available. 🙁

  3. I think the world of Candy and her ministry. I’ve seen The Bridge Ministry in action first hand and it is a beautiful thing. Candy is very skilled at what she does and is so passionate about this. If you ever get the chance to go serve with her and be apart of The Bridge Ministry, I highly recommend you doing so!!