Saturday News Roundup #56

In the news:

  • Tracy Stuffle made it safely through open heart surgery yesterday; further updates will be at his Caring Bridge page, here.
  • George Amon Webster has been released from the hospital. His arm is healing well, but he needs to be off his hip for four to six more weeks. He has been diagnosed with cancerous lesions on the back of his tongue, in his throat, and on his neck, and is in need of cataract surgery before the doctors will operate on the cancer.
  • The Browns have signed with The Mansion Entertainment’s Manor House Music. This is the division headed up by former Cathedrals member Bill Dykes. The release date for their first Mansion project has yet to be announced.
  • Mike Holcomb’s 80-year-old mother, Piccola Holcomb, passed away on Wednesday morning.
  • Worth reading: A detailed look at the human side of the songwriter royalty collection process.

Humor for the day: I always love misplaced modifiers, and this one, from the liner notes to Gordon Mote’s extremely rare first LP, is a classic: “Although blind from birth, God has blessed Gordon and Michael with a unique talent.” Oops! A copy of the LP is for sale here. [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.

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  1. “Although blind from birth, God has blessed Gordon and Michael with a unique talent.” Oh, that is FUNNY!

  2. Very interesting article about BMI. Wonder if they will ever go after Youtube and some of the other outlets that play the music/videos?

    • I know that they have licensing agreements with many online radio stations; additionally, SoundExchange also comes into play for online payments.

  3. Hey! Seen this yet?

    A petition to re-release the “In the Garden” album in CD format. So far it only has 15 signers, but it needs a lot more! I picked this up off the comments at Avery.

    • How many do you think are needed for RCA to actually re-release the album?

      Also, I would be curious to know whether artists are allowed to sign. That could be interesting!

      • I don’t have any idea. A lot more than 15, I’m afraid. 🙁

        It looks like Terry Franklin would like to have one. Up to 28 now!

      • Yeah, I saw. Bless Terry’s heart, he’s a great guy!

    • Dang, now I’m really wishing I could hear this album! I mean it’s got my all-time favorite lead (Glen Payne) and bass (Armond Morales) both in the same package. How could you lose?

  4. So, has anybody tried out “Ping” on iTunes yet? I typed in the full names that I knew and remembered of SG fans and artists, but haven’t found anybody yet. It does seem like it would make it easier to find good new music.