Perrys concert streaming tonight [but not if you’re a Mac user]

As Tracy Stuffle recovers from emergency open heart surgery last weekend, baritone Troy Peach is keeping the group on the road till Libbi & Tracy return. His wife Katy Peach is singing Libbi’s part, and lead singer Joseph Habedank and pianist Byron Ivory are also on the bus.

The group is appearing this evening at the First Baptist Church in Sevierville, Tennessee. The concert is set to be streamed online, here.

UPDATE [6:33 PM]: Looks like the stream is available to Windows users only. It requires Windows Media Player, which is not accessible on a Mac. I do have a Windows laptop but, for whatever reason, it is not playing nicely with the Charter internet connection. So, if any of you who both have Windows and a reliable (=non-Charter) connection can access the concert, please let the rest of us know how it went!

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  1. “pianist Byron Ivory…”

    Did you mean Bryon Elliot???

    • Actually, I think it’s Bryan Elliot

    • Oh – yeah. Good catch. He goes by Byron Ivory on Twitter and makes videos funny enough that that’s what sticks in my mind, I guess!

      • Really? I’ll have to check that out.

  2. I have a mac and also have a “flip4mac” program that usually lets me view anything that is windows. I’m using firefox and all it says right now is “live stream unavailable”…haven’t tried my windows desktop

    • I couldn’t watch with Firefox either. I am watching now via Internet Explorer.

  3. It is great. Glad it is on. Wow

  4. First half no problems but second half just kept on breaking up on internet expl. and I even have broadband. Went on AOL and was better. Still a great concert. Whish we could see more concerts on net.

  5. I saw the whole thing. They did a great job, considering! Katy is so talented!

  6. Firefox wouldn’t work for me on my mac or pc. I did finally get my pc to view the concert with internet explorer. Great concert from the Perrys trio. Troy did a great job emceeing and keeping the program flowing (from what i saw). Joseph is just an extraordinary talent. Katy is a very talented singer also. Glad to see them give Bryan some time to sing “bass”…one of the best keyboard players today also.

    Thankful that the church streamed the concert, and also I still have the entire Stuffle family in my prayers!

  7. It came in very good until the last few minutes and had a little problem. Sound quality wasn’t the best. It could have been the Church connection, it would go up and down.
    Katy, Troy, Joe and Brian did a great job.