Update from JK Stuffle

Les Butler of the Singing News recently caught up with Tracy & Libbi Perry Stuffle’s son JK, in this video. (Due to the privacy settings, you have to be logged into Facebook to be able to see it.)

For those who don’t have a Facebook account, a brief summary: Tracy is up and about, and has gone to the mall and out to eat. The soonest he’s expected back on stage is at NQC in about a month.

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  1. I can’t view the video for some reason.

    • Do you have a Facebook account?

      • Yes. When I click on the link, it goes to a page that says the video was moved or something.

      • Here is what it says when I click on the link…

        This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

      • Hmm. Some people set it so that, logged in or not, you have to be a member to see it. That may be the issue, and I apologize if it is. The error message Facebook gave me – their default error message – can be out of date.