The Old Paths Announce Download Promo

This weekend, the Old Paths Quartet from Atlanta, Georgia will be the featured artist on Paul Heil’s Gospel Greats. In conjunction with this appearance, they are offering a special download promo to introduce their music to Southern Gospel fans.

For one day—from 9 P.M. today through 9 P.M. tomorrow–they will be making eight songs from their recent projects available to be downloaded for free, right here on

To download these eight songs, right-click the links below. Depending on your browser, select either “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to save the mp3s to your hard drive.

  • Is This What You Had in Mind
  • We’ll Sing a Song
  • From the Cross to the Lost
  • Oh, Bless His Name
  • He Chose the Tree
  • The Rock that Will Never Roll Away
  • You’ve Gotta Love the Love
  • What Will You Choose Today

EDIT: This download has ended. Thank you to all who participated!

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  1. Just had Old Paths at my church a couple of weeks ago. These guys are genuine, and a really good quartet. Especially liked the tenor, Jeremy Peace.

  2. Thanks Old Paths. I’m looking forward to hearing these. As a fellow Georgian, I’ve been curious how you guys sound.

  3. Hey Guys.
    I Love this You are so Awesome . Our Radio listeners are ready for us to an Interview with you guys, So You just let me know when .
    God Bless
    Steve R
    WVSG Radio.Com

  4. OH yes one more thing with Dave as Manager how could you go wrong

  5. You were up late with this one…DM!

  6. GH–What do you mean?

  7. GH means (I think) that this morning the post date on here said Apr. 9 at 12:01. I found that a little bit confusing, since I’d seen it last night. I see you’ve reset the date. So now I don’t need to ask which “tomorrow” is referred to!

  8. OK. Yes, I considered re-setting it to make it today’s post, and tried that for a bit. I really dislike missing days on my blog, and I really didn’t want to bump this from being the top post for the day, either. I decided to post a “promo ends” post at 9 PM instead.

  9. I guess my mind-reading is working today, then… I guessed all but the last part.

    I would be interested in knowing later whether the group can trace any direct effect between this promo and their sales. Of course, they should have a jump anyway (I’d think) because of being featured artist on the GG. I wish I could still get that.

    Personally, stuff like this – having the chance to preview a group’s work – can sell me for good on the group and make me a paying customer. I first got a Primitve Quartet album through the Gospel Greats, and I’ve bought everyone they put out since, although more for my dad than for me.

    I’m reluctant to spend $15 on a group I don’t know at all. I’d rather buy from a “tried and true” top tier group.

  10. Thanks for the downloads. I did have to convert the song file before I got the final desired result. Any plans on offering other promo downloads in the future?

  11. Thanks for the downloads Daniel and Old Paths Quartet. Looking forward to listening to these songs.

    God Bless,

  12. what time is it?

  13. Aawww man! I didn’t get to get the downloads. 🙁 I would’ve gotten them, but I’ve been out of town and didn’t see this until just now. Oh well, I guess I’ll live. 🙂


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