SoGospelBackRow to give away NQC Webcast pass

Steve Eaton recently started SoGospelBackRow. His consistency and quality has quickly made his blog one of the top 5 or 10 must-reads in our genre.

He is launching a contest with an impressive prize: He will award the winner a pass to the NQC Live webcast, broadcasting the mainstage performances and some major mainstage showcases via video streaming online.

The show involves Southern Gospel trivia, and it’s not a walk in the park. There were two where I had no clue, and probably two or three more where I wasn’t sure of my guesses. So it’s certainly worth a few minutes for you to give it your entry, too. Enter here.

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  1. Hey Daniel, thanks for the comments. I want to let everyone know to keep the answers coming. No one has received a perfect score yet, so it is still anyone’s game to win.

    • No problem. Several of the established blogs helped me out with mentions when I was just getting going, and I try to likewise help out new bloggers myself (especially if the blog is as good as yours is!)

    • Welcome back, Steve. 🙂

  2. I love trivia. 😀

  3. Are we allowed to use google? 😛

    • That’s what I wanted to know!

      • I have no problems with everyone doing a little research. 🙂

      • Whew! I was holding my breath for that one, since I admit to Googling the two where I had no idea. (Google had no idea, either.)

        Of course, it’s all a moot point now, since with ABK in the running it’s a race for second place. 🙂