Diamond Awards Top 10 Ballot posted online

The Diamond Awards Top 10 Ballot has been posted online here. (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.) I did not vote in all categories, since in several categories 7-10 of the nominees were names I was unfamiliar with. In the categories I did vote for, here are my picks:

  • Living Legend: Ed O’Neal
  • Group: The Perrys
  • Trio: Greater Vision
  • Soloist: Mark Bishop
  • Male Vocalist: Brian Free (I decided to think outside my usual box for this vote and my next…)
  • Female Vocalist: Susan Whisnant
  • Songwriter: Wayne Haun
  • Instrumentalist: For me, it was a toss-up between Stewart Varnado and Kim Collingsworth, and I’ll keep quiet as to which I picked
  • Comedian: Tim Lovelace
  • Bluegrass Artist: Chuck Wagon Gang (though why they were in this category beats me)
  • Favorite Artist Website: Karen Peck and New River
  • Favorite Industry Website: Singing News
  • Song of the Year, Album of the Year: no votes cast

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  1. Here are my votes:
    Living Legend: Eva Mae LeFevre
    Group: Triumphant Quartet
    Trio: Greater Vision
    Duet: Jeff & Sheri Easter
    Soloist: Ivan Parker
    Sunrise: No vote—don’t know them!
    Male Vocalist: Ronnie Booth
    Female Vocalist: Susan Whisnant
    Songwriter: Rodney Griffin
    Video DVD: Campfire Homecoming
    Instrumentalist: Jeff Stice
    Comedian: Mark Lowry
    Bluegrass Artist: Issacs
    Favorite Artist Website: Karen Peck and New River
    Favorite Industry Website: Singing News
    Song of the Year: Garden of Grace
    Album of the Year: Journey of Joy

  2. Living Legend: Les Beasley
    Group: Brian Free & Assurance (maybe they are still my favorite when on a ballot next to KHQ 😉
    Trio: Karen Peck & New River
    Soloist: Jason Crabb
    Male Vocalist: Brian Free
    Female Vocalist: Susan Whisnant
    Songwriter: Ronnie Hinson (where’s Dianne Wilkenson?)
    Anthony Burger Award: Jeff Stice
    Comedian: Tim Lovelace
    Blugrass Artist: Isaacs
    Favorite Artist Website: http://www.brianfreeandassurance.com
    Favorite Industry Website: http://www.singingnews.com
    Song: I Can Pray – Dove Bros
    Album: Journey of Joy – KP&NR

  3. Hey…I voted…but what is the McKameys 3 year old album doing as a nominee for Favorite Album? Since then,they have released one that has had a couple of hits and are soon to release an album in June.It’s rather obvious that “The Old Path” is not a recent/new album…like the title suggests..lol