Roy Webb leaves Gold City

Breaking news: Gold City has just announced the departure of Roy Webb.Β (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

Thoughts to follow this evening or tomorrow.

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  1. This is going to hurt Gold City, IMHO. Roy was missed when he left EHSS, and he will be missed now. I know he wants a solo career, but honestly I feel like he belongs in a group. Just IMHO though…

    • I agree. Gold City’s fan base is shaky at best, and it would be hard for ANY change to not hurt them at this point… let alone loosing the talent and personality of Roy Webb.

      • “Gold City’s fan base is shaky at best…” Hmmm, why do I have a feeling you wouldn’t have said that if you were a devoted GC fan? πŸ˜‰

      • Actually, Gold City has a fair number of superfans who love them no matter who’s on stage.

        And then they have many, many casual fans who like them any time they have a strong lineup on stage.

      • I’m a casual fan but never could get into their tenors, personally. I liked Jonathan Wilburn a lot.

      • I think you’ll get into the new guy – Josh – at some point. Prediction. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, and I should add that I am insanely picky about tenors, so that’s not to say that GC tenors have been bad, just not good enough to make it onto my “all-time, hands-down faves” list. (A very important list, of course… not. LOL)

      • I’ve heard a little of Josh’s singing. He’s good, but maybe I’m just scarred by watching that old L5 video of “I Stand Redeemed” where he was squeaking all over the place…

      • Well . . . he was 18 at the time, and this is 11 years later. His voice has matured a lot in 10 years, and I’m thinking he will get even better in the next few years.

        I can sing high enough and know enough tenor vocal technique that most tenors do not blow me away. I’m thinking, “That was decent, but [other tenor] approaches that note better.”

        But I listen to Josh in person, and I can’t think about any of that. I’m thinking, “How on earth is he DOING that? The man is a freak of nature!”

      • Well, one could say exactly the same thing about David Phelps, but since David is by far not my favorite tenor, clearly I have some other criteria as well. πŸ˜€

      • Guess I let that one slip πŸ˜‰ .LOL. I am a big fan of what Gold City USED to be… I don’t like the direction that they’ve seemed to be leaning to as of late.

        As far as the fan base goes, I don’t mean to say that they don’t have any fans… I meant to say that I know they have a certain amount of fans that will love them no matter what… I was mostly referring to the casual fans, as you called them, who seem to be disenchanted with some of the changes over the last few years. I may be all wet here, but there’s no denying that they are not the popular quartet that they were in the 90s. Just MHO.

        New SoGo Fan, I think we’re on the same page about tenors! I am extremely picky as well. Where Josh Cobb is concerned, I don’t question his level of talent… it’s simply that I don’t care for his voice. Some people may take that as having no taste, but that is how I feel about it. I’m also not a David Phelps fan. Granted, he knows how to sing… but I think he’s too dramatic… just don’t care for his style! So yeah… I guess that’s all I wanted to say! LOL. Funny how often we end up off-topic here! lol.

      • I have not been a big Gold City fan, although I am coming around. Their baritone Danny Riley is a fantastic vocalist. In my humble opinion.

      • Phelps is really in a category all his own. I still remember when I heard that voice coming from my grandmother’s television in 2001 and my head was on a swivel. It was my first introduction to southern gospel music. There are very good tenors around and some that I might even prefer to Phelps, but I credit him with introducing the style of music to me.

      • And for everyone’s information, David Phelps did NOT die in a car crash last night. Check Mark Lowry’s twitter, it was just a rumor.

  2. I think the world of Roy Webb and his family.and enjoyed him with both EHSS and Gold City. I wish he and his family every bit of success and happiness in their future endeavors. I know we’ll see great things from Roy!

  3. Did anyone really think he would stay for a long period. Have a questions for everyone. If you have a good piano play like Roy, would you rather go see him in a group or just him by himself? I have seen Roy both ways, I like him better in a group. Does anyone else have a thought?

  4. To me, pianists are like soloists, typically better in a group or like A Cappella songs, better left to a portion of the program and not THE program.

    • Exactly… Ivan Parker(IMO) was twice as good with Gold City than he has been by himself… and Brian Free about 100!!! times better in a group. My list could go on and on….

      • Sure. David Phelps, Guy Penrod, Ryan Seaton…

  5. I usually don’t reply to blogs or post but I guess it’s time I stand up and say that as “Christian” who are we to judge, critize or say what artists would be better with someone as a group or solo? Isn’t their message they are singing to us more important? Do fans REALLY listen to the words in the songs? Sadly enough I guess enough folks aren’t. My family and I attended the Crabb Family gathering in Central City, KY last week and let me tell you there were folks in attendance as far back as you could see and it was a very warm evening outside to attend a concent. One of the groups featured was Gold City that evening and we came away 4 hours later very blessed to have spent the night with everyone there. A special moment also is when a “hat” was passed around for the Bowling Family and approxmiately $4,600 was raised from a small community in Muhlenburg County, KY. Even though a lot of you have your own opinions on groups and such, for those of us who barely get to hear gospel music on a local radio station and seldom have southern gospel music concerts come to our area, we sure were excited and so thankful that the artists involved that evening did STOP and gave us all a night that left us smiling. We all need to offer a pat on the back from time-to-time and to encourage these artists who have left their homes and families to spread the gospel. May my words fall on listening ears. Thank you for this opportunity to post this blog.

    • I understand your reasoning, but all people are doing is just sharing opinions. I haven’t seen any posts judgmental or critical of Roy’s decision.

    • I echo what Josh said. None of us wishes any of these artists ill, nor do we seek to trivialize their message. We were simply making an aesthetic judgment as to whether we thought they fit most naturally in a group setting or a solo setting. But we wish all of these artists nothing but the best in whatever they choose to pursue.

    • Beth, they are opinions. I am not saying that it is immoral. I am not saying I am even right. And I am certainly not saying whether they are in or out of God’s will. Yes, the words are most important. However, if the words were the ONLY thing important, then why not just read them from a book? Or, hearing tone deaf Sally and the monotones doing them would be the same as a top tier group. I presume you belong to a certain denomination and even broken down further into a particular church. You have your reasons for doing this. Are you saying the others are wrong? After all, the words are what are important, not whether the pastor is a certain person, style of worship, etc.

      Do you listen to all Christian music from dirges to metal to rap to SG? If not, why not? Aren’t the words what are important?
      Are these other styles’ singers deserving of being excluded or not your taste? Are your choosing some of the above things and not others, judging them in a non-Christian sort of way?

      I am not saying this to argue, but to demonstrate the same basic principle and to show how other things DO matter.

      • I may have to at the very least give up my membership in my denomination. I missed the chance to use food in my analogies. The nutrition and sustenance are what are important, but we all don’t eat every type of food or at all restaurants. πŸ˜€

  6. Thanks for reporting this Daniel.

    If i knew about Roy being with Gold City I had forgotten.

  7. I’m surprised at how quick it was that Roy left Gold City.

    It’s his choice though and if he wants a solo career maybe he needs to go solo.

  8. hoping roy joins Jimmy Fortune Timmy Duncan and William Lee Golden. the Lord needs singers and musicians with a solid faith, no apologies. if Roy wants in on the action…. he only needs to make the call. he is so funny and amazingly gifted that should he make that call, the world will take pause. truth is Dad is calling him! as a member of team bring it( a wwe reference), we good people need to be courageous, bold, and fearless!Roy knows how to pray. he can sing too!i am sure he is blessed by the holy spirit, he has many more gifts to share. i believe he will use those gifts only if we pray and believe. john