David Phelps *not* killed in auto accident

Via Mark Lowry’s tumblr, a rumor was circulating this morning that Gaither Vocal Band tenor David Phelps had been killed in a car accident. The rumor was strong enough that Daywind exec Norman Holland called him with the news. Lowry was able to contact Phelps and verify that he is alive and well.

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  1. please sign me up for email updates.thanks.

  2. It appears that the rumors of David’s death have been greatly exaggerated… 🙂

  3. Did someone mistake September for April?

  4. Man, some people need to get a life.

  5. That’s pretty pitiful…

  6. One thing I hate about the Internet is that its a breeding ground of where rumors get started. I’ve been getting messages recently about a certain SG artist’s sexuality. Seriously? Are we that pitiful that we need to start rumors like this?

    • Some people just like to hear their own voice. If you’ve been getting messages like that, I suggest you look for a way to block or junk them automatically. Waste as little of your time as possible dealing with that stuff!

  7. i am so glad that david philps is okay.

  8. That’s the worst thing about the internet. Devil is a defeated foe. Thank God for David, still alive and well. Keep up the good gospel work through your singing Ministry. Blessings!

    From South Pacific Fans.

  9. I only discovered David Phelps and his beautiful voice recently. I was devastated to hear he had died, and rejoice that it was false.