Video of the Day: Blackwood Brothers

The Blackwood Brothers recently added a pianist, Mike Hammontree. Since they have not released a project since he joined, this is my first time to feature him on this site. Here he steps out front on a comedy feature and vocal solo:

Particularly notable about this rendition is that two brothers actually are singing the lines “me and little brother would join right in there.”

Speaking of the Blackwood Brothers, here are two videos of bass singer Randy Byrd—from 1987, twenty-three years ago. He has a solo in the second.

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  1. My dad loved country music so when we were young, we got to listen to Johnny Cash and I still remember a couple of his songs. (Does anyone else remember Ring of Fire?!?) It was a lot of fun seeing this impersonation by Mike Hammontree and I also had the same thought as you did, Daniel, about the brothers singing that part of the song together.

    • I would certainly not be the one to determine whether it’s a good imitation, but at any rate I enjoyed the skit and the singing!

  2. Great clip, and yes Diana i loved Johnny Cash, i have his greatest hits on cds.

  3. Nice addition to the quartet!

  4. 4/8/11 Friday PM Sounds like Johnny Cash, doesn’t he? Wonder if he’s any relation?