Somewhat off topic: Fire Kindling?

A year ago, a North Carolina church announced that they were burning Bibles, Southern Gospel music, and other items. But other than mentions on Fox, local outlets, and Mickey Gamble’s Gospeleer (here), the story went unnoticed.

Yet this week, a church contemplates burning the Koran, and the media goes crazy.

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  1. Wow. I mean, I do have serious disagreements with one or two of the authors that church named, but Bruce Metzger?? He was a great scholar and one of the foremost defenders of the Bible’s historicity while he was alive. And James Dobson? Chuch Swindoll?

    And burning obscene rap is one thing, but southern gospel…??

    But yeah, of course the media will go crazy over the mere suggestion that a church burn the Koran. It’s the same old double standard thing again…

    • Chuck Swindoll, sorry.

    • I actually have huge issues with Bruce Metzger, but that’s a discussion for another day and another venue. 🙂

  2. I did see AP articles on the last Bible burning. (I was extremely grateful it didn’t get more publicity than it did.)

    I think that both churches were just publicity-hungry, and … I’ll stop there.

  3. A few years ago, a pastor in our area defamed the Koran on a sign outside the church. He received quite a bit of publicity from the media and even some death threats from foreign countries. It was enough for him to get a Wikipedia entry:

    • Awwww… he issued an apology. Too bad. 🙂

  4. Both bible and Koran burners church members are totally insane. Koran burners…seeking attention and a very strange church anyway.

    Bible burners did not get any instruction from God to do this. He does not work that way. Since the Bible was originally written in Greek and Aramaic how can the King James Version be the only version that is not satanic? OH and what about the Bible written in Braille? Did that go up in flames too? I have no more respect for these people than people who stand on street corners and yell their message
    to everyone who walks by. The message they send comes across as mean and ugly and does not help. Where’s the love? Sorry Amy I could not just stop there. It just all came streaming out.

    • Yeah, people like this really give Christianity a bad name. It’s a sad thing.