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  1. Man oh Man and I’ve got them in a Concert October 16 in Dalton, GA. This should bring a packed house. Gold Circle tickets are already sold out. WOW! What evening that’s gonna be, and there is a possibility that they may have their new DVD/CD that night. Official release date is Oct. 26, but often times groups have them in advance of the release date. Wouldn’t that be something for those that attend the concert? Daniel it’s not too far for you to come down that evening.

    • How far is it? And what day of the week?

      Because I am an early bird and need to avoid late, late night driving, I have a general rule that I do not drive longer than 2 hours for a concert if I’m driving back the same day.

      • Google Maps says 200 miles. EHSS website says Saturday. (Its a 6:00 start time if that helps any)

      • Thanks; I looked it up, and it’s 4 hours. That’s twice the distance I go. If something is, say, 2 hours 15 minutes, or 2 hours 30 minutes, I might be able to push it, but not at 4!

      • You’re missing the solution: Drive twice as fast. 😉

      • Do you know that the trip involves going through the heart of the Smokies? If I drove twice as fast, I’d be dead, down the side of a mountain!

      • I did not know that. I guess if that DID happen, you could see Glen, George and Roger. (Not that I want it to happen to you.)

      • LOL! Oh sorry, that wasn’t funny.

  2. It’s going, going, going… and it’s out of the park! Nicely done. 🙂

  3. WOW…WOW… That was July 24th all over again…I am on cloud nine again….This is going to be a Grammy winning, Dove award and everything else…Just fantastic.. Did I say WOW!!!!!Can’t wait..Thank God I am seeing them this weekend..I’m ready

  4. Words cannot describe!

  5. I miss the Cats.

    • Me too, Don. Me too.

      • I miss the Cats too, but is there supposed to be some sort of second meaning there. Or am I over-reading…?

      • :whisper: Let sleeping dogs lie. 😉

      • The sound is okay. Devin is not Glen, and there’ll never be another George Yountz. I just miss what made the Cathedrals, the Cathedrals.

      • Glen and George were one in a million kind of guys. I agree that we’ll never see their like again.

        That said, I feel that once something irreplaceable is lost… the only thing left to do is remember it, with dignity and class. And I feel like EHSS is doing exactly that. They would be the first to tell you that their not the Cathedrals. But I don’t think that’s the point…

      • Oh good grief, did I do a “their” “they’re” “there” goof? Pardon, should be “they’re not the Cathedrals.”

      • Well duh. Obviously there won’t be another group like the Cats. But its not like EHSS is trying to outdo them….they’re paying tribute to them.

        The ONLY thing you can compare between the groups is Ernie then to Ernie now.

      • I think I would actually tend to disagree; doing a full-length tribute album invites more comparisons, i.e. “this arrangement differs because of these three factors.”

      • Yeah, I would agree with Daniel. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of good discussion regarding what was done with the arrangements, and no doubt some vocal comparisons as well.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have no problem with saying, “I prefer Glen’s voice on such-and-such song” or “I preferred the original arrangement to the tribute arrangement.” Those are fair points of dispute. But just knocking the project in general because “You can’t replace George and Glen…” That doesn’t seem as reasonable to me.

      • I guess your right Daniel. I forgot that my way of doing things isn’t the same for everyone…

      • And, you know, that’s perfectly OK. Different people have different ways of viewing things, and that makes life much more interesting and enjoyable than if we all always thought the same thing! 🙂

      • No second meaning with me. I haven’t listened to the clips yet and can’t right now. My comment was at face value. However, I will go on record as saying that no one is going to touch the Cathedrals. They are in my top maybe 5 or 6 male quartets. I refuse to narrow them down further, but they beat at least some in the top 6.

      • I listened to the clips; and they are okay. My comment was not intended to be a slam against Ernie and Signature Sound; but a statement of my opinion. I’m assuming that this is allowed, as I was not rude, agruementative or demeaning.

      • Yes, disagreement is allowed, if it’s put in the right way. Thanks you for avoiding being rude, argumentative, or demeaning!

  6. When I heard that the final verse of We Shall See Jesus was a video of Glen singing, I was a little disappointed. I figured that if their plan was to include it on the DVD, just add it in post-production editing like normally happens on other Gaither videos. However, I absolutely LOVE the way they incorporated the clip with the other camera shots from that night. Very well-done!

    • I would have liked to hear Devin take it home, but I was genuinely moved by the moment when I saw it in this preview. I think it turned out to be very powerful.

  7. You know I keep coming back to this preview clip, and the more times I watch it, the more I just get kind of a good feeling inside…

    “Ah lahk it. Ah lahk it awl-ready. This gonna be good, see.”

    • You do that too?

      • Do what too? 😀

      • Keep watching the video and getting a good feeling..

        I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched it already, and its only been a couple days.

      • Ah… it’s always nice to meet a fellow groupie. 😆

  8. My favorite thing about the video is who I believe to be Mrs. Dianne Wilkinson on the 2nd row, first one on her feet and clapping, having a great time.

  9. Cathedral songs are sang by nearly every male quartet singing as well as some mixed and ladies quartets. No one will every sing the songs like the Cathedrals. Don’t think EHSS is trying to out do the Cathedrals or even sing like Glen & George. This dvd/cd is a TRIBUTE to the Cathedrals. Their tour promoting the dvd/cd is “The Cathedral Influenced Tour”. Other groups have did tribute albums to groups, for instance I think the Perrys did an album in tribute to The Goodmans. Kingdom Heirs has a Statesmen Album out. I for one am looking forward to hearing EHSS do a full concert. NQC will only give us a mini performance as they will be limited to time.

  10. I understand legalities, ownership etc. I know Ernie is family with George. However, I am disappointed when Roger, Mark, Danny, Gerald and Scott did the tours that they were unable to use the Cathedrals name. These men collectively have many more years of service than Ernie and in fact, Roger alone did. I understand not letting them record as the Cathedrals, but doing tributes or remembrances should have been allowed. Although Glen and George were the main ones, these other men all helped make the group what it was.

    • The issue wasn’t with Roger, Mark, Danny, Gerald, and Scott. I hate to get into this sort of thing in a public setting, but even if I delete your comment, someone else will probably bring it up. I have been told that the issue was that the concert promoter used the Cathedrals name for the concert series without first securing permission, and thus permission when later requested was denied.

      • Okay, that makes more sense. They might have been a lot more cooperative if the promoter had followed the procedures. Although I do disagree with their not approving it when it was later requested, I do understand now their needing to protect the Cathedrals’ name from being abused or misused. Part of the problem might have been promoters not really knowing the legal end of things. (Although I am sure there are those who just don’t care to follow proper paperwork etc.) I guess some might just think “they were part of the Cathedrals so there is no harm.” Thanks for letting me know.

      • You’re welcome. I do suspect that it may have indeed been an innocent mistake, but even innocent mistakes sometimes have consequences.

      • They don’t “have” to. 😀

  11. For what it’s worth, I was treated to an EH&SS concert last yearin Fort Worth. If you have never attended a solo (can a quartet be a solo??) concert of just Ernie and the boys, let me tell you that you are missing something special. The atmosphere started as one of “performance” as after all, that’s what we went to see. But, it was not long, and one would have sworn that the Will Rogers complex had been transformed into a church. It went from a performance, to a praise and worship as smoothly as anything I’ve every seen.

    I think that was one of Ryan’s last dates with the group

    • A quartet can be a solo act, but a more proper term would be sole act. See the difference one letter makes? 😉

      • But, wouldn’t that be a “soul” act?

      • 😀 But, no. Soul act would either encompass all Southern Gospel acts (soloists, groups) who are winning souls to the kingdom or artists who sing with soulful voices or styles. :D)

      • Yeah. James Brown could be a soul act! :-O 🙂

      • There was a soloist called “mio”. Remember? Oh, solo, Mio. 😉

  12. Well, I just listened to it. They still aren’t the Cathedrals (of course.) I still prefer the original arrangements I am sure. However, I am looking forward to this even more. The arrangements are interesting in their own right. The band is good. The guys do the arrangements quite well. It should be an interesting recording.

  13. For anybody interested, sound clips from the studio CD are here:

    [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]

    Just click on the tribute album cover!

    • I’m really excited! 30 seconds isn’t enough…

  14. I like the songs as they were. I’m just not for the soul treatment Ernie Haase gave a bunch of the songs.