CD Review: “Today” (Old Paths)

TodayThe Old Paths was founded in Georgia and remained a regional group for several years. But they are starting to draw national attention, as evidenced by their top 10 Singing News Fan Awards nomination for Horizon Group this year. While online polls are never reliable predictors of how actual Fan Awards voting will go, it is nevertheless a point of interest that in this Singing News Forums poll, they are currently in a clear lead, capturing 38% of the vote as compared to the runner-up, Tribute Quartet, with 16%.

Obviously, something about this group is starting to catch people’s attention. Of course, it hardly hurts that their tenor, Jeremy Peace, comes to them from the Kingsmen, while their pianist, Joe Cox (who was not in the lineup at this project) has returned to the group after stints with the Kingdom Heirs and Mike & Kelly Bowling.

Tenor Jeremy Peace, probably the most recognizable name in the lineup, is featured on two songs and turns in solid performances on both. “He Chose the Tree,” a big ballad, is probably the best song on the project, while the mid-tempo track “What Will You Choose Today?” is a solid closing track for the album.

Bass Brandon Barry is featured on “We’ll Sing a Song” and “You’ve Gotta Love the Love.” The first, “We’ll Sing a Song,” features a brass band arrangement reminiscent of Gold City’s classic years. The second, “You’ve Gotta Love the Love,” showcases Barry’s ample range; he hits both an A and a G below low C with a confidence suggesting comparisons to his favorite bass, Tim Riley. His solo voice is somewhat more melodic, though, at various points bringing Harold Gilley or perhaps former Mercy’s Mark bass Chris West to mind.

Lead singer Wayne Rackley and baritone Douglas Roark are each featured on several songs. Rackley’s strongest solos are on “Is This What You Had in Mind” and “The Rock that Will Never Roll Away.”

I hesitate to post my initial impressions in reviews, since I often revise individual song ratings up a star once I become very familiar with the song. But my initial impressions are favorable enough that I will post them here. I rated nearly every song on the project ****, with two *** (Portrait of Grace and Empty Bucket) and one ***** (He Chose the Tree). This is a strong project from a group ready for the national spotlight.

Available from: The Old Paths, Springside.

Rating: Recommended.

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  1. Great review, Daniel. I hope you’ll get to see these guys in person sometime.

  2. Every time I see The Old Paths they get better and better.
    Thanks for a great review, and like Dinana, I hope you get to see them in person soon.

  3. If Brandon Barry has quallities reminicient of Tim Riley and Chris West, then I can’t wait to hear him.
    I heard some of the group’s songs on radio when they were still a trio, and really liked them. With the addition of Jermey Peace and Brandon Barry to an already good group, this sounds like a project and group I’m going to have to hear.

  4. These guys are really good! You do need to see them live, though. They are “high energy,” and extremely ministry minded.

  5. Les Butler said:

    “I was privileged to hear Old Paths last weekend. This is the second time I’ve heard them live in the past couple of months. Old Paths is the best quartet traveling today, that you’ve never heard of. These guys can sing on any stage, anywhere, anytime with anybody! Don’t hesitate to see Old Paths when they come to town.”


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