Saturday News Roundup #57

It’s two days till NQC. That means that, as usual for this season, there are all sorts of news stories—far more than could be covered in the daily posts.

  • Ernie Haase and Signature Sound’s recent rendition of the National Anthem at a NASCAR race was so good that Atlanta Motor Speedway President / General Manager Ed Clark stated, “In my 18 years here at Atlanta Motor Speedway never have we received this level of praise for the performance of our national anthem before one of our events.” If properly packaged—put another way, if people can just get over their misconceptions of the genre—Southern Gospel’s top groups can more than hold their own with the best acts from any other genre.
  • Derrick Boyd and Jake Sammons have joined the Toney Brothers. Boyd has sung tenor with the Dixie Melody Boys, Blackwood Gospel Quartet, Heavenbound, Carolina Boys, Melody Masters Quartet, and Ken Turner and New Millenium. Sammons will be singing baritone and playing keyboards, and plans to focus more on keyboards once George Amon Webster returns to the road. He recently toured as part of the Booth Brothers’ live band.
  • Tim Williams resigned from Gerald Williams’ Melody Boys Quartet last week. Past TMBQ tenor Mike Franklin will be filling in until a permanent replacement is selected.
  • The Bowling Family plans to make their first public appearance since their bus crash next Tuesday on the NQC main stage. Whether their voices are fully back or not, merely the few steps’ climb up to the stage will be a visible answer to so many prayers that I predict a standing ovation before the first song.
  • Finally, the cutest Southern Gospel video of the week would have to be the Hayes Family children singing “Something More than Gold.” Their pitch, though not perfect, is remarkable; overheard in the studio: “They sing better than some of the groups that come through here!” It sounds like a third generation of the Hayes Family is a strong possibility.

I will only be able to be at the National Quartet Convention from Wednesday-Saturday, but plan to post coverage for those final four days.

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  1. Derrick Boyd was most recently with the Woodsmen Quartet (where he had been for a while.) Both he and Bryan Hutson’s brother, Jim Hutson were apparently let go a few months ago. Although an owner has a right to run a group as they see fit and I don’t know the details or why, I see that as a really dumb move. They were the best part of the group from the time I saw them. Granted, I have never heard the owner sing with them.

  2. The Hayes kids were adorable!

    • I know! I’ve hit the replay on that one several times this week. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see Mike & Kelly!

  4. I was very proud of Ernie and the boys. They conducted themselves with class and excellence. They were everything a Christian example should be. I’m pleased that they got such a great response… though not particularly surprised! 🙂


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