Video of the Day: The Cathedrals do “Go Out to the Program”

MN SG Fan uncovered a recently posted Cathedrals video I’d never seen before. Here, the Cathedrals do their own “Go out to the Program,” imitating other singers during a live concert in the mid-80s. Gerald Wolfe impersonates Peg McKamey Bean and Jerry Goff; Glen Payne imitates Jake Hess; and, finally, Danny Funderburk imitates Archie Watkins.

It’s shows a side to the Cathedrals that many more recent fans may have never seen.

Regrettably, this video has been removed by the user.

NQC Coverage note: SGB contributor Sony Elise is going to be on site in Louisville all week and plans to provide Monday’s and Tuesday’s coverage (probably on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively); I am heading up to Louisville on Wednesday and plan to cover the final four days.

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  1. Archive Watkins?

    • Oh, dear, does Firefox have auto-complete or auto-correct, now?

      • lol I was wondering about you.

  2. Gerald steals the show!!

    • I agree. Gerald doing Jerry Goff was fantastic.

      • No, man, it was SHUPER!

      • LOL1

        (thanks for the publicity, Daniel)

      • That was supposed to be LOL!, not LOL1

  3. this is great,reminds me of the original go out to the program done by the oak ridge quartet.

    • Likewise for me. I just hadn’t known the Cathedrals had ever done it.

  4. I got to see this live a few times. They started it when George was off the road for a few months in late 87 and early 88 with his heart attack and bypass surgery. They did this to try to fill up the program void left by George’s absence and would include things like Gerald singing bass on “Heavenly Parade” and things like that. It was done very well and was very enjoyable. When George came back they kept doing it for a few months. I think this shows to have been recorded in July of 1988. It would have been at the end of that year that Gerald would leave and embark on his solo ministry.

    • Thanks for the context and background info – fascinating!

  5. That makes the mere invention of YouTube worthwhile. Really needed a laugh, so thanks for sharing and making my day.

  6. I just love Gerald Wolfe!

  7. Someone needs to send this one to the powers that be at NQC. They’ve been showing some YouTube clips on the big screens between sets on the main stage. Tonight we recreated “the storm” from YouTube with Gerald and Michael Booth directing…they stopped the clip before the choir went into the song, “Africa,” though.
    See the original full length clip here: [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken Link removed]

    Tonight would have been an ideal time to show Gerald imitating Peg. Gerald was the emcee and the McKs sang a set.

    • I was just thinking that. (Searches for a good email address to use)

    • I showed this to my brother last night, and he said he wished he could see Gerald watch it now. Gerald was the best!