NQC 2010: Day 1

I am planning to head up to Louisville on Wednesday, so the plan is for (my) eyewitness accounts of the National Quartet Convention to start then. If Sony (who contributes our Sunday posts) has time to log on today, she’s planning to post about opening night. In case she doesn’t make it, here are a few of the highlights, culled from around the ‘net:

  • Tracy Stuffle was able to join the Perrys for the last two songs of their set yesterday. He set up the closing song, “If You Knew Him,” with a testimony about his heart attack / diabetes issues and recovery. Word has it that was among the strongest responses of the night.
  • A Canadian group called The Hunters attracted quite a bit of attention by doing backflips on the mainstage.
  • Via Nate Stainbrook, Legacy Five’s Scott Fowler made a very gracious gesture to Gold City and to former L5 tenor Josh Cobb: He came down to the artist circle during Gold City’s set as a visible sign of support for Cobb’s return to the genre. Cobb left Legacy Five suddenly after NQC 2000, and had been out of the genre until earlier this year.

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  1. L5 is pure class. That’s my opinion!

  2. The Collingsworth family got three standing-Os in a row: Fear Not Tomorrow, Kim’s And Can it Be, and I Want Jesus More Than Anything.

    • Wow! Somehow I am not surprised.

      • If I’m not mistaken, the Perrys got the first major standing ovation with “If You Knew Him.” The audience response on this is enough reason for it to win Song of the Year. πŸ™‚

        The Collingsworth Family got the other three. They, Gold City, and the Perrys had the strongest sets last night. The Perrys song, “Blue Skies”, sounds promising for the new album.

      • There were only 4?

      • I’m pretty sure there were some for Greater Vision and Brian Free & Assurance and the Dove Brothers and the Talley Trio, but I’m not remembering all the details.

  3. Greater Vision got one for the Lari Goss Produced/Orchestrated “It Is Well” now that was powerful! And BFA got one for “Long As I Got King Jesus” The Dove Brothers got one for “Hold On” and The Talley Trio got one for “He’s Alive”

  4. Thank you for the updates from NQC. I can’t be there this year and am anxiously awaiting news each day!

  5. Somebody said that “Long As I Got King Jesus” and “Get Away Jordan” need to be sent to the Old Songs Home… forever. Some truth in that, maybe? πŸ˜›

    • No, not forever. Maybe they don’t need to be on the main stage at NQC any more, but “Get Away Jordan” was some song! πŸ™‚

  6. I think they’ll continue to sing “King Jesus” as long as they keep getting standing O’s for it.

    The Hoppers are still singing “Shoutin’ Time,” and the Dove Brothers are still singing “Didn’t It Rain.”

    I think the key is to give variety to sets at NQC. Don’t be predictable. Use the big hits some years, but don’t use them the same way every year in a predictable manner. Maybe that’s the bigger problem. Predictability.

    • Yes, I think you’ve got a good point.

      On a different subject, is there any free audio feed this year? Anybody know?

      • SolidGospel.com has the first hour of each night

      • Josh, is that audio or video, and is it archived or live?

      • I’m trying to check this out. It looks like there was a gap from about 4:15 to 5:15 Eastern time, when I look at their last 15 songs played. Is that when they’re covering the NQC? They would have to be playing the previous night in order to do that. I can’t find where they mention it on their site at all. πŸ™

  7. i love my national quartet convention i loved it when ernie haase and signature sound gave there interview on there.