All Seats reserved for Collingsworth Taping

The Collingsworth Family had scheduled a live video taping featuring music from their last project, We Still Believe, for March 8, 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was to be held at a theater seating 600 or 700 people; the tickets were gone within hours. However, a severe winter storm shut down the city on the day of the taping and forced it to be postponed.

The concert was re-scheduled to this Saturday, April 19. Because of the level of interest, the taping was moved to a larger venue, Cincinnati’s Music Hall, a venue seating 3,400. The Collingsworth Family distributed a press release last night announcing that every seat has now been reserved. The press release adds:

Reservations have been literally pouring into The Collingsworth Family Office over the past 4 weeks, with guests coming from California, Idaho, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia. West Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and of course Ohio.  Distinguished guests include the Honorable Ronald Crane, Treasurer of the State of Idaho.

Two different filmings will take place during the 4 hour program.  The first will feature the entire Collingsworth Family with repertoire from their latest Crossroads Release – WE STILL BELIEVE.  Dianne Wilkinson, one of Gospel Music best loved writers will be on stage with The Collingsworth Family as they film her song: HE ALREADY SEES.  The second filming will include Kim Collingsworth doing an all-piano filming on a new 9 foot concert Steinway Grand Piano.  This taping will include a very special moment as Kim’s parents along with 7 of her 8 siblings reminisce and sing together with Kim, around the piano.  Then, Kim and producer Wayne Haun have put together a phenomenal ending for this filming with a brand new signature rendition for Kim of George Frederick Handel’s HALLELUJAH CHORUS from Messiah.

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  1. So (if you don’t mind my asking) are you going to make it, Daniel?

  2. I was hoping to, but my car has been having brake problems and I couldn’t trust it for a trip of that duration.

    Plus, even if I had a ticket, I would have had to cancel it today, since I’ve come down from the flu and I can’t count on being better in two days. 😕

    But I’m really looking forward to the DVDs.