NQC 2010: Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound held a press conference at the National Quartet Convention, discussing their upcoming Cathedrals Tribute CD project. Be sure to watch through the end for a special a capella surprise!

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  1. Wonderful, thank you so much. They are a fantastic quartet and I love to hear them sing. They all work so well together. I did preorder the dvd/cd.

  2. Fantastic, thank you! I love these guys’ voices and their hearts, and I have nothing but the highest respect for Ernie. God bless them all. I think this project will be really good!

  3. Thanks for that great interview!

  4. You’re all welcome!

  5. What a great interview! I should have pre-ordered it at NQC, but i didn’t , so i will do it now online. This is a must have!

  6. I also must add, ERnie and his group , were one of the friendliest groups to meet and talk to, that i have talked to at the Convention.

    • They are a terrific bunch of guys, on and off stage! They will focus down on everybody from little kids to old ladies and just make time for them, even if it takes hours to make time for them all.

  7. Hi Mr Mount 🙂

    That was so nice of you to put the whole press conference on your site. I hate hearing myself talk but you press people asked great questions and made this experience very enjoyable. We guys talked about it many times. VERY COOL!

    God bless you and your efforts…. we need you in our biz!!!

    Kindest Regards,
    Ernie & The SIG SOUND Team

    • Thanks! I normally post excerpts of anything, but that just went so well throughout that I thought I’d put it all up!

      • Yeah. What Ernie said, Mr. Mount. 🙂 All hats collectively off to you, sir!

    • You know you’ve hit it off big time when Ernie Haase is commenting on your blog post. LOL!

      I really enjoyed Ernie’s respponse about the wardrobe, because that is one thing that many people have criticized over the years.

      Do groups normally hold press conferences at NQC?

      • Not too often. The only two I went to this year were that one and one for Janet Paschal.

      • Let me clarify: There is always something going on. It’s just that from the perspective of an individual group, that group is unlikely to call a press conference every single year.

      • The wardrobe remarks were fun and I enjoyed them too. I still see bits of oddness every now and then in their wardrobe (Devin’s striped socks, Timmy’s shoes) but I think it’s nice that they’re going back to the matching suits/full-length ties look. I honestly hope they stay that way even after the Cathedrals tribute tour has run its course, because it’s just classy!

  8. i think this is a very special surprise for the ernie haase and signature sound group. they sing so wonderfully.

  9. I don’t think that groups normally hold press releases, but this was GREAT!!! It was great to hear from Ernie & the guys at one time, and they were so nice to talk to. I am glad they did it this way. It worked so well.

    Their team is the BEST!!!

  10. 13:33 is the best part!

  11. This is great!! Thanks Daniel for posting the entire video! Can’t wait to see this new Tribute to The Cathedrals DVD!!