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  1. Wow, I knew that he was at their booth a lot last week but I really don’t know what I think about this move. I personally liked him with The Perrys. I wish Bryan all the best though. I wonder if Matt Holt will come back with The Perrys as their pianist? He was playing at the NQC for Brian Free this past week? Just a thought.

    • I loved him with the Perrys, too – and as to whether the Perrys will hire Holt, check out my post that just went up.

  2. Talked to Matt Holt at NQC last week. He left the Perrys to see his infant grow a bit. He hinted that he probably will be back with a quartet some day. He was terrific with BFA. Matt is a terrific person and, probably, the best all around quality keyboard person in Southern Gospel.


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