Video of the Day: We Shall See Jesus

At some venues, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound has been staging “We Shall See Jesus” with Devin McGlamery singing the first two verses, and a video of Glen Payne singing the third. But sometimes he sings it all the way through. Check this out:

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  1. Stealing my material? (haha just kidding!)

    I’m guessing the decision to show the video or not depends on the video capabilities at each venue.

  2. I like Devin’s voice. With that said, I’m not thrilled with the arrangement and of course Glen and George are missed.

    • With the caveat that nobody can be Glen Payne, and thus it can’t ever be the same – has to be different – I’ll go on record as stating that I love this arrangement.

      • I agree Daniel. Devin really comes into his own in that last verse, and IMHO, blows the proverbial doors off.

        Ladies and gentlemen, it is a blessed promise, “We shall see Jesus”, savior and Lord.

      • I understand no one will be George or Glen and that other arrangements can be good even if different. I like the GVB version of “Please Forgive Me” and the original Crabb’s version. They are both good arrangements performed skillfully by great performers. In this case, EHSS did perform it skillfully enough, the song is a great song, but the arrangement just didn’t do it for me. At least at first. I have to admit though, I preferred the original by the Cats ( but also liked the Singing Americans’). It took me a while to warm up to the latter versions, but for the most part I preferred them later far more than the original. (There are a one or two minor (no pun intended) things I would have changed in the way the Cats did it the last several years.)

  3. Hey Daniel, I wondered if you were going to put this up! I think it sounds great. And might I add, I’ve heard a couple samples from the studio cut, and Devin seems to have improved already since he laid down those vocals. He sounds better singing it live today.

    And the arrangement is superb, IMO. I love the orchestration, the harmonic dynamics… everything about it is just stellar.

  4. I try to never compare something like to the original version…and I know that can be difficult. What a tremendous song…great job EHSS!

  5. I try to never compare something like this to the original version…and I know that can be difficult. What a tremendous song…great job EHSS!

  6. I guess it will have to grow on me.

  7. I should also add that seeing this performance on video is nothing compared to watching it unfold live and in the flesh. I saw them perform this at a concert where it was like pulling teeth to get an enthusiastic crowd response for anything. But that crowd was on their feet and roaring by the time the guys were finished with this one.

  8. i love the way that devin sings this song his voice is so pretty. i love you devin.

  9. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but if you listen closely you will hear doug going up on the high note under ernie!! I think that devin is a great singer, but when they hired him i would always wonder if he could hit some of their high endings. Maybe he can, and i’m sure he can, but it mqkes you wonder!! By the way doug sounded very clear on that note! I didnt know he had that kind of range!!! Very nice!

    • The note is a high G. Doug can sing anything, but I haven’t clearly heard who’s doing it here.

      Anyhow, if the baritone takes the G, you could say that was a subtle nod to the Cathedrals for anyone paying attention, since they would do that on the ending, too!

      • Gotta love those SG baritones who can do anything you need them to do. Everyone would love a Mark Trammell or Doug Anderson in their quartet.

      • I listened again, and it’s definitely Doug. But then, doesn’t he hit a G or higher on “Forgiven Again” and “Until We Fly Away?”

      • Oh, and by the way, Doug’s actually hitting an A here, not a G. πŸ™‚

  10. Have to say I love it! Not the first time I have seem them do this song…there have been other occasions where Devin took the ending of this song, I think it is great to see them switching back and forth. There blend is so tight and there voices are so much alike, most of the tine you can’t even tell when they switch!! Glen payne did that too.

    • Yeah. I think you can really feel the tightness when they do something like “Yesterday.” They can all sing a unison line and just “disappear into each other” as it were. That comes of talent and hard work!

  11. These 2 guys compliment each other. I have talked to them both and they are thrilled to be singing with one another.

    • Which two—Ernie and Devin? And do they compliment or complement each other… or perhaps both? πŸ˜€

      • Oh, my goodness. It would probably take someone who writes as much as I do to react like this, but…that was the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

      • Well, I don’t write NEARLY as much as you do… but I talk a lot! πŸ˜†

      • I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have caught that. And I’m afraid I didn’t even know the difference, or at least (be merciful) might have made the same mistake.

        Y’all are hurting my ego here! πŸ˜€

      • I’ve made a similar joke before when someone misused one of those. Amy, “compliment” is to saying something nice to someone. “Complement” means it goes well with something else. For instance, peanut butter complements jelly and chocolate. πŸ˜€

      • “Albino porcupine” is NOT a compliment! LOL

      • Oh, but that’s what “McGlamery” originally means… didn’t you know? πŸ˜†

      • It might not be a compliment, but its funny!

      • Oh, and if Devin cut his hair, he’d be getting rid of the “porcupine” part—so Devin has brought at least of it onto himself. πŸ˜€

      • Oh yes, and if Devin cut his hair, he’d deprive Ernie of the “porcupine” part—so you could say that Devin’s brought at least some of this onto himself. πŸ˜€

      • Hold on guys!

        I just dropped in from 6 weeks on a cyber-media detox! LOL, so peroxide highlights I do not need today!

        The whole reporting on NQC totally overwhelms me right now. It seems that – on a pretty good year – EHSS managed to stand out hugely.

        Full credit to Ernie’s innate marketing skills – if he looses his increasingly mature tenor tones he could cut it as an equally mature amrketing exec. His handling of the press interview, and comment on this blog, were polished, yet sincere, and we can see clearly why it IS “Ernie Haase & Sig Sound”; yet on stage they can, to quote, “disappear into each other”. Pure class, and a highly credible bench mark for 2010 SGM.

        If some of the aspirants can follow Ernie’s lead we should not fear for the future of the genre. I think George and Glen, wise old birds as they were, are happy looking down on the fledgings they let fly – so very many of their boys have done good.

      • Whoa … you went off of cybermedia during the week of NQC? Was there some serious mis-planning there, or what? πŸ˜† Just kidding, you know.

      • Oh, yeah, like I’m trying to make sure my fiance gets a real white shirt … He wore pink to the engagement pictures in spite of my express prohibition. 😯
        Fortunately it was so pale you would never notice it in the pictures, or else just think it’s your eyes!

      • Nor does it complement the new sharp-suit image.

        Memo Ernie: Timmy’s boots are idiosyncratic, and George DNA-ish.

        Devin’s socks likewise; but the hair needs sorted. It distracts. Period.

      • Ah, David, can I speak for all of us when I give you a HEARTY WELCOME BACK! We missed you! πŸ˜€

        Yeah, I agree, but hey, look on the bright side… at least Ernie’s ditched the pink pants! (I have a theory that his wife made him toss them out…. shhhh, don’t tell). πŸ˜†

      • This was supposed to go here:

        Oh, yeah, like I’m trying to make sure my fiance gets a real white shirt … He wore pink to the engagement pictures in spite of my express prohibition. 😯
        Fortunately it was so pale you would never notice it in the pictures, or else just think it’s your eyes!

  12. Up until now I had to give the edge to Legacy Five’s verson of the song. Although I don’t have a problem with them using the video for the last verse, I like Devin singing it all the way through better. However when it all come down to it, I love seeing Glenn sing that song, he was always so alive on stage.

  13. Erratum: “marketing”.

    Suplemmentary thought: Devin is maturing like a good cheese πŸ™‚ BUT, ref the above comments, I would LOVE to hear Doug do the full lead on WSSJ, or even swap with Devin for a verse. An awesomely competent, totally selfeffacing, highly professional baritone. Solid backbone, close to irreplaceable in the EHSS sound. Mark Trammell comparisons are not out of place. Two mighty bulwarks; SGM quartet men through and through!

    • Completely agree. One thing I will say though is that I think Doug is at his best when he’s singing with those round, FULL tones. Occasionally, when he’s going for more of a “jazzy” sound with something like “He Made A Change” (or even the studio version of “Until We Fly Away”), I think he loses some of the fullness—it goes up into the nose just a little. Now don’t get me wrong, Doug is a singer’s singer, baritone’s baritone, etc., but I think he’d be even better if he consistently sang with a clean, full-bodied style.

  14. While this is a quality performance, it really pales in comparison to the original by Glen and the Cathedrals.

    You can say to not compare them, but that is obviously impossible since they are the same song and the song is on a tribute CD to the Cathedrals.

    I think it is great to “bring back” most of these songs that should still be heard by new audiences, but this time, unless there is marked improvement, this is one that was best left alone.

    • This had to be done differently, and they did it differently (giving it the orchestra big ballad feel).

      I guess I would take the opposite position: This song is simply way too good to die. I had never heard it performed live till this year, and I’m delighted that two Cathedral alumns are doing it.

      • I don’t think great songs always have to be done differently from the original, so I would disagree with Daniel there. That said, I do agree that it’s a good thing for this song to be brought back. I don’t believe in letting great songs die.

      • I don’t think I said always. For a song that wasn’t as well known – say, “Mighty the Lord” from the Cathedrals’ 1974 project Statue of Liberty (I think) – they could have done a note for note identical arrangement, for all I care, and it would have been one of the best songs on the project.

  15. Daniel, that is definitely the best argument for “bringing it back”, but I don’t know if I agree that in this age of digital media that the original versions would die.

    I guess I’m just an old-timer who is stuck in the past, but my “fear” is that the new age fans will define this song by this new arrangement and performance and diminish the original, causing it to “die” more surely than if the song were left alone.

    Popular is not always better.

    • You have a good point that anybody can go watch Glen sing this song on Youtube when they want (after all, that’s how I discovered the Cathedrals at all, through Youtube), but when you think about it, how many of the really young fans have even heard of the Cathedrals? I think if anything, doing this song and for that matter this tribute could introduce the Cathedrals to a whole new generation. When kids hear Ernie and the guys talking about the Cathedrals and singing their songs, it might get them to say, “Huh, never heard of that group before, but I guess they must be pretty cool… let’s go check them out.” Same with the songs: Again, really young fans might not ever have heard “We Shall See Jesus.” And wouldn’t it be a shame if they never did?

    • While I see your point, I honestly don’t think Ernie would ever want his new performance to diminish the original.

      • I don’t think it does.

      • I don’t think so either, although it is a LOT smoother—more polished and flows better. But you can’t duplicate the magic of the original…

      • “He served his day and generation, and fell asleep” – so says the scripture of even such a great King as David.

        George & Glen sure did. Ernie and the boys wil too….

        Let each do their best to bring the truth of the gospel to their own generation – in song. Those of us who revered the Cathedral’s, we should remember them as we knew them.

        Let a new generation hear the same quailty lyrics and melodies – in a new harmony.

        Comparisons are valid, but EHSS are not the Cat’s, neither are L5 of GV nor MTQ!

        To each his own and the Lord bless it all.

      • Hey David, I’d forgotten that line of Scripture… now I want it on my tombstone! Great words, and indeed very applicable to some of these “heroes of the faith” you’re talking about.

      • Can I get a scripture verse reference on that one?

      • Acts 13:36

        Paul wasn’t talking about SGM – for sure – but the principle still applies, quite appropriately IMMHO.

      • He wasn’t? Are you sure about that?

      • I think so,

        but if you like I’ll get George to ask for us.

  16. Heres the L5 version for those who haven’t seen:

    I’m not sure what to think. I just didn’t get the same feeling after hearing L5 that I did from EHSS. I love Glenn Dustin, but his two verses just seemed a bit bland for me. When everyone joined in, I started to get a bit of that feeling, but still not the same.

    However, I can appreciate both versions for what they are. In no way do I have a problem with anyone who does not share the same sentiment. I am simply sharing my opinions on the song.

    • I think I would agree. EHSS just has the “X factor” on this one.

    • Wow, just heard L5’s studio version of the song for the first time today. Choosing my favorite is now much more difficult.