Five SG songs win BMI Christian Music awards

BMI, one of the three major radio airplay charting organizations, announced its annual 2008 Christian Music Awards, recognizing the most played songs on Christian radio in 2007. Five songs recorded by several Southern Gospel artists made the list:

Adam Kohout
Tery Wilkins
Asheville Music Publishing
Chris White Music
Leah’s Heart Music
The Dove Brothers
Sonlite Records/Crossroads Music Group

Dennis Murphy
Asheville Music Publishing
Chris White Music
Kingdom Heirs
Sonlite Records/Crossroads Music Group

Belinda Lee Smith
Seventh Row Music
Jeff and Sheri Easter
Word Entertainment

Rodney Griffin
Songs of Greater Vision
Greater Vision
Daywind Records/Daywind Music Group

Lisa Stewart Seals
Potter’s Daughter Music
TaRanda Greene
Daywind Records/Daywind Music Group

Avalon’s “Orphans of God” also made the list; though the Talley Trio covered the song, the song was listed under Avalon’s name.

The Singing News Fan Awards, inarguably Southern Gospel’s most prestigious awards, make no bones about their purpose; they do not claim to track the best in any category, or the most played songs, but simply fan favorites. From an airplay perspective, on the other hand, the BMI Christian Music awards actually mean something. BMI monitors all stations, not just select charting stations; though they might not track every instance a song is played, and though they’re only one of three airplay agencies, they use industry-standard tracking methods. And that a list of the airplay leaders in Christian music would include five Southern Gospel songs says something toward the continued vitality of the genre.

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  1. Daniel,
    It’s interesting that you mention that. I am sitting in my motel in Pigeon Forge, Tn at the present. My family and I went to Dollywood and heard KH this morning. (As an aside, my 3 yr. old and 19 mo. old seemed to enjoy their first concerts.) Steve French mentioned the status of God’s Word. He made a big deal out of Dennis being “up there with Kirk Franklin, and all them”
    They’re certainly proud of their drummer. Of course, it is a great song.

  2. I am much excited about this! “God’s Word” is one of my favorite songs from the past few years. I have a little extra excitement, too, since Dennis Murphy is from a town in the same region of WV as where I grew up. (Ok, not really close, but close enough to say we werre both in WV at the same time at one point.) Congrats to all the SoGo BMI representatives!