CD Review: Call Jesus (Kingdom Bound)

Kingdom Bound was founded in November 2000 by baritone David Sherrill. They are based in South Texas but came to Crossroads Studios in North Carolina to cut the tracks for Call Jesus.

The closing track is a smooth rendition of the Weatherfords’ classic song “What a Precious Friend is He,” featuring exquisitely tight harmonies against a musical backdrop of light piano and orchestration. The other eleven tracks are either new or largely forgotten album cuts ripe for a revisit (such as “A Love that Wouldn’t Die,” originally cut by Triumphant Quartet, and “I Love Living in Grace,” originally concurrently cut by Liberty Quartet and Tribute Quartet.)

The closing track is a definite highlight of the project; other notably strong tracks include the convention-style song “That Wonderful Day,” “Seek and Save,” and “One of These Days,” an interesting amalgamation of a convention-style vocal arrangement with a progressive track.

The packaging is not to the quality of the music itself; between hard-to-read text on the back cover, obviously cut-out photos against a white background on the cover, and the resolution of the back cover photo, one might approach the project thinking it was worse than it is.

No song jumps out as an obvious breakout hit (though several would probably do well on radio with appropriate promotion), but the project is an overall solid effort, a good first step toward establishing Kingdom Bound as professional-quality group.

Produced by: Danny Crawford, Ben Stewart. • Group Members: Ben Stewart, Ross Carter, David Sherrill, Chad James. • Available from: Artist. Review copy provided. • Song list: The News is Out (Richard Calhoun); A Love that Wouldn’t Die (Dianne Wilkinson); Call Jesus (Tommy Nelson); That Wonderful Day (Matt Rankin); What on Earth For (Ben Scroggs); One of These Days (Joseph Diehl); I Love Living in Grace (Rodney Griffin); The Night that Love Was Born (Jacob Wiley); Seek and Save (David Williford); That Sounds Like Forgiveness to Me (Dianne Wilkinson); Save in the Cross of Jesus (Christopher Machen, Luke Garrett, Mike Harland); What a Precious Friend is He (Henry Slaughter).

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  1. I have been looking forward to hearing this project after hearing the current radio release “One of these days” Good song!! But I believe they are from North Central Louisiana, not S Texas…

  2. You are correct, the group is located in Jena, LA.

  3. There is a video sample of Kingdom Bound Quartet on the Gospel Music Today page on Facebook, recorded at the recent Deep South Quartet Convention.

  4. Thanks for the review Daniel! We are based out of Jena, LA. I’m glad you enjoyed the cd!

    Kingdom Bound Quartet

    • You’re welcome, and sorry for the mistake! I’m not sure what it was in the liner notes that got me thinking TX.

      • No big deal. I’m just glad you had a chance to review it! I love to read different opinions on the recording. I really think it will help us alot when we record the next project!

      • Thanks!