Update on Tony Greene

As details have trickled in through the day, things have been looking very serious for Tony Greene. The latest, via Mark Lowry: “The family has been told that if what the doctors are doing now (and the details are sketchy, so I’m telling you everything I know) was his last hope, it was all they could do. But we know that God is his last hope.”

UPDATE (9/28/10, 1 PM): Tony Greene has passed away.

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  1. Prayers to the Father, for Tony!

  2. Dear God! May His grace cover this family tonight…

  3. The Hoppers held their last concert Sunday night in Sharon, MA on their 4 city tour in New England.
    Upon arriving in Sharon on Sunday, Dean and Kim flew to NC.
    Claude, Connie, Michael and their piano player presented a excellent concert considering the circumstances.
    The Hyssongs traveled with the Hoppers on the New England tour this weekend.
    Additionally, Richard Hyssong did a wonderful job singing with Hoppers on 4 or 5 of their signature songs.
    It was the biggest crowd in the history of the Meetinghouse concerts.

  4. I will miss my friend Tony Greene. His wit and humor will never be forgotten. Tony Love the Lord and Shared Him where ever was. I have many fond memories of Singing and Praying with Tony, I’m Blessed to have known him and to also serve in His chosen vocation, Funeral Service. Jingle Bells to us all.
    My love and prayes go out to “Dixie” and those two little dolls.
    I love you,
    David Cummings, Ringgold, GA