An Interview with Keith Waggoner

On a recent trip to Boise, Idaho, I had the chance to interview Keith Waggoner. He sings tenor for Liberty Quartet, a full-time Southern Gospel Quartet based in Boise. What was scheduled to be a half-hour interview ended up being an hour-long conversation. Here’s the interview:

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  1. Daniel, this is a fine interview. As you know, I’ll be seeing Keith and all the guys next week…and I always look forward to spending time with the members of the Liberty Quartet.

    But more than that, I’ll enjoy watching them sing! They’re one of the best quartets in the country, and they always make a good impression wherever they go.

    Thanks for doing your part in making these fine Christian men better known among gospel music fans.

  2. You’re welcome.

    I’m glad you get the chance to see them at the GWSGFF–I still have yet to see them live (though I have seen their most recent live video). ๐Ÿ˜• Hopefully soon!

  3. That really was a good interview – definitely worth the time reading. There was a lot of info in it that was new to me.

    I think I could definitely feel the difference between one done by email and – as I’m thinking this one was done – with the two of you being in the same room.

    But when you really piqued my curiosity was when you said you were in Boise, Idaho! You’re getting around a little more than when I met you!

  4. Amy–yes, that was the farthest I’ve traveled. And I agree that it’s a whole different feel–and a much better feel, too!

  5. Thanks for the interview and introduction to Liberty Quartet. The guys have a great sound. It’s neat to learn of guys who are being successful following their hearts and not chasing after “industry status” like so many do. They’ve gained a new fan.

  6. Great intervieiw! They truly are an awesome quartet. They are a definite blessing to all that meet them. I have been their #1 fan now for 4 years and try to get to as many concerts that time and distance will allow. Blessings, Shelby


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