Tony Greene passes away; obituary

Tony Greene of the Greenes passed away at 4:30 this afternoon. He was removed from a ventilator around noon, and word inaccurately spread that he had passed away then; he actually kept breathing for several hours. But at 2:00, his brother-in-law Dean Hopper said that it was a “matter of time.” Hopper added that friends and family, including Gerald Wolfe, Amy Lambert, and, of course Dean and Kim Hopper and TaRanda Greene joined Tony in the hospital during his final hours to “sing him into glory.”

Greene grew up in Boone, North Carolina. He started singing with his brother Tim, sister Kim, and father Everette in 1979. Though they made their first recording together in 1980, they did not come to national prominence until the later ’80s, by that point as a sibling trio. Kim left in 1989 to join her husband, Dean Hopper, in the Hoppers; she was replaced by Amy Lambert, and later by Milena Parks. Tony’s future spouse, TaRanda Greene, came on board the Greenes’ bus in 1998. Tony and TaRanda dated for some time; he memorably proposed on the NQC Mainstage about ten years ago (NQC 1999?), and she said yes. Their collaboration over the last twelve years brought many new fans to the group.

He is survived by his wife, TaRanda Greene, and two daughters, Isabella (Belle), age 6, and Jocelyn (Josie), age 2 1/2. He is also survived by his brother Tim Greene, and his sister Kim Greene Hopper, and their families.

Funeral arrangements are here.

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  1. Boy, this just hits you right in the gut. And I’ve never even met him or heard him sing in person. But he’s got a wonderful testimony, and we know that for a believer, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I will keep the family in my prayers.

    • This is not true. I just heard Dean Hopper live on Joy FM report that he was still alive. They took him off the respirator, but was still breathing.

      • Daniel: Umm…at the time you posted your comment, a correction was already posted here.

      • There has been multiple postings but the southern gospel wire says he has died.

    • I am so very sorry for the lose of this wonderful man of God. I know how it feels to become a widow a such a young age. I was 33 when this happened. This Saturday October the 2nd will mark 2 years. My youngest child was just 2 at the time. When you feel like you are at your lowest low Taranda just remember this, God has a plan and you and Tony will meet again. May God keep you and hold you through this time of pain.

    • Tony was and will always be such a huge inspiration to me. He was so jolly and funny and boy could he sing. He will be missed. And yes it is like getting hit in the gut multiple times. It is so sad. But God needed another special angel.

    • This is just hard to believe. I just saw him in Pelion, SC for a revival and he was doing fine. The Singing in the Sun will never be the same. He is rejoicing in heaaven now. RIP Tony

    • We are so sorry to hear about Tony’s passing. He was a funny and wonderful man of God and he and his wife were so wonderful and sang so beautiful. May God comfort those left behind and give you the love and peace to go on. He will be deeply missed. But we know he is in a wonderful place with Jesus.

  2. Oh, beyond that river… lies a valley, deep and wide. And we will all rest easy… when we reach the other side.

    God’s mercy on the Greenes…

  3. I just saw him and the Greenes on August 21 in Seminole, OK; it was one week after he had to be taken to the hospital after a concert in Texas. Will be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

    • I was at that concert in Silsbee, TX the weekend before, when he had to be taken to the hospital. He came on the stage feeling very weak, and sang a couple of songs from a chair. Then he said that he wasn’t feeling well, and Taranda finished the shortened set with My Redeemer Lives. I was somewhat disappointed because I had been looking forward to seeing them since the previous year, when they sang in Silsbee, TX 2 weeks before his Kidney transplant. My heart goes out to the family and the other members of the group.

  4. “Heaven is a little bit sweeter since you’re there, and that’s a fact…” Rest peacefully, dear brother in Christ and fellow artist. We shall see you again some day!

  5. Unreal. I just saw them sing at NQC. Praying for the family.

    • None of us know what tomorrow will bring, or even if we will have a tomorrow, are you ready? I know Tony had his house in order, even though he was not ready to go, God had other plans for him.

  6. This is so sad. God bless Tony’s family and friends with comfort, peace and strength at this time. I will pray daily for you all. God Bless!

  7. I’ll greatly miss seeing Brother Tony, and hearing his wonderful testimony, but I wouldn’t bring him back here and away from the presence of the Lord, for even one second. I’ll keep the family in my prayers. Southern Gospel has lost one of its most precious men today.

  8. It is a great loss. But Tony will no longer be in pain. He is now in a better place. You will be missed.

  9. He is no longer suffering. And the Lord is taking him to suffer no more. Thoughts and prayers are with Taranda, and his two young daughters. And his family and friends. So sorry to hear!

  10. According to Dean Hopper’s post on facebook, Tony Greene has not passes away! Please continue to pray for a miracle!

    • Sorry, I posted my report on Dean Hoppers update before I saw yours.

      • No problem, Im just glad its not true,and I am praying for Tony like never before! When I Knelt the Blood Fell!

  11. passed away, sorry.

  12. Dean Hopper’s Twitter says he hasn’t passed away yet (10 minutes ago)…

    .Guys, hangon here, ventillator has been removed- unconscious but breathing on his own. He’s still with us.

  13. From Mark Lowry’s Twitter 2 minutes ago:

    .Keep praying for Tony. Initial reports of his death are wrong. He’s off the ventilator and breathing on his own!

  14. Daniel, I know you must feel bad reporting a death prematurely, but don’t beat yourself up. You can only report on the info that you receive. And you’re following the “2 or 3 witnesses” principle, and you had more than that reporting that he had indeed passed away. Gotta love this age of instant communication, eh?? People want to know what happens BEFORE it happens!

    • Umm…at the time you posted your comment, a correction was already posted here (as reflected by the previous comment, incidentally.)

      • Yes I saw the correction. I was just putting myself in your shoes, having done the same thing before and knowing how it makes one feel. Just offering some encouragement.

      • Joseph – my apologies. Something happened to the actual comment to which I replied. I was actually replying to someone else. Your comment was perfectly fine!

      • He didn’t say it wasn’t Daniel. He was saying not to feel bad about it. I saw it as being encouraging and supportive to you.

      • Nate – entirely right. I was actually replying to a “Daniel” (whose comment you can see elsewhere on this thread); WordPress somehow jumbled posts up and made it look like I was replying to Joseph instead. My apologies for the database error, which made it look like I was a jerk!

        Joseph – yes, that was encouraging and supportive, and I thank you for the encouragement!

      • Daniel ~ not a problem! I scrolled back up and saw your intended post in its context, which makes perfect since. Lord bless!

      • Thank you for your graciousness!


    • YES! GOD STILL HEALS, but it isn’t a business.♥

  16. I a very difficult situation for evryone.
    I will be waiting for the offical update from The Singing News.
    I pray I will hear the update a lot later than sooner!

  17. What an amazing man and amazing testimony! I had the pleasure of meeting him a few months ago and I don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard!! Many prayers for family and friends during a very difficult time. But God is STILL in the miracle working business! 🙂


  19. does anyone know any updates on tony? the last I heard was he was taken off the respirator and breathing on his on but not expected to make it very long…

    • Laura, that is also the last word I heard.

  20. My prayers are with Tony and his family (both immediate and extended). We sing about “serving a risen Savior”, let’s pray for Tony’s healing, but at the same time, “nevertheless, not what I wish, but Father what you will.” It’s hard to do, but whether God brings Tony through this or not, he will never die.

  21. The last update i have is @ 3:50p and Tony was still breathing on his own!!! God is able to deliver if it is HIS will

  22. God Bless the families as well.

  23. is now reporting it is true. May God’s love surround all of his family!

  24. Dean Hopper just posted to twitter that Tony did indeed pass away this afternoon at 4:25pm…so very sad. This is just not how it is supposed to end…

  25. I am so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. My prayers are with Taranda and his girls and all of the family. God Bless.

  26. I am sad to hear about the passing of my friend Tony Greene today. Tony was a dear man, and I am blessed to have gotten to know him and his fine family. My prayers and thoughts go out to TaRanda and his two girls Belle and Josie, as well as the rest of the family. I do find peace in knowing that Tony is singing in th…e direct presence of the Lord he has severed and sung about all these years. I’ll miss you Tony.LULU

  27. Tony is with our Father in heaven. God be with the family. He has joined that heavenly choir. What a homecoming he had. AMEN!

  28. TaRanda, we were so sorry to hear this news. We are thnking about you and praying for you and the girls. We all know by Tony’s testimony and his faith in God that he is now in Heaven with his Heavenly Father!!! It was a wonderful thing that you did by giving him one of your kidney’s and you will be blessed for that but, this was his time. We love you all very much and it was a pleasure knowing him!!

  29. I saw Tony some years ago in Mobile, Al with Frank Arnold and he was the funniest christian comedian i have ever seen! He will be greatly missed. Your in my thoughts and prayers!

  30. He was a great singer and i was so shocked about the news. it just goes to show you how life is so fleeting and that you need to be ready to meet God at His time frame and not ours. The family is in our prayers and thoughts during the homegoing!

  31. So sorry to hear of the passing of Tony Greene, we saw them in Silsbee, Texas back in August and he had been taken to the hospital from the concert with pneumonia. We went to the Gatlinburg Gathering in September and The Greene’s were there. Have been praying for his healing, but it was not to be. The Lord has another plan. Will continue to pray for Taranda, the children and family. What a wonderful man of God, such a testimony. It was so sweet to know that his family sang him into Glory. He will be missed.

  32. Our prayers go out to TaRanda and all the family. Tony will be missed. Our loss was heaven’s gain. God bless you all

  33. I am a believer…father a preacher…but just don’t go to church….I had really loved listening to them on the computer…Now he is singing with my mama.

  34. He will truly be missed. We’re praying for the family.


  36. so sorry for your loss taranda but heaven is so much brighter becaz tony could brighten anyones day with his sweet personalty and his love for his lord praying for u and girls

  37. Tony and Taranda are my favorite gospel group of all times. I talked to both of you on New Years eve about the transplant because my son is in need also and was afraid. Tony so graciously offered to talk to my son and I will never forget that. Thank you both very much for your testimony’ and our prayer are for Taranda and the whole Greene Family. My heart is broken you you but I must hold on to the fact that Tony is with his Lord. We will miss you Tony.

  38. We are so sorry to hear Tony has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  39. Singing in the Sun will never be the same. I can only imagine the fellowship taking place in Heaven tonight – so many have gone on, Anthony, Dottie, Roger, Doug – oh, what a blessing to know that we will all be reunited again! Our prayers are with you all for strength and peace. We are confident in saying that God is in control, even in our darkest times. We love all of you. Jimmy and Martha Faulkner (Cottageville, South Carolina)

  40. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Taranda, the daughters and the Greene Family. God needed another voice in that heavenly choir he is assembling. Tony is really singing now. His race is run. His victory has been won. His trouble and heartaches, sickness is over. Oh how I want to go there. We wanted to promote the Greenes on our 2011 schedule of sings. May God Bless this family.

  41. im sorry tranda for your lose i fell so bad i saw him and he became my best friend

  42. I’m so sorry to hear that Tony has passed, But he will live on in our hearts, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all,and GOD BLESS

  43. The Greenes recorded a song I wrote many years ago (before Kim married), called “When He Sees Me.” I had the opportunity to sit on their bus and talk with them for awhile one night at a concert in Ashland, Ky. I felt so completely honored that they liked something I wrote. I never saw as much enthusiasm for singing as I did in Tony. He had the most amazing spirit and zest for life. I know Tony is in Heaven, but it saddens my heart to know that he is gone. I pray for his wife and kids, and for his family who all loved him so much. I lost my husband in a accidental death seven years ago. The thought of his wife going through this is terrible, and she will need prayers for a very long time.

    • September 28, 2010 at 8:42 pm The Greenes recorded a song I wrote many years ago (before Kim married), called “When He Sees Me.” I had the opportunity to sit on their bus and talk with them for awhile one night at a concert in Ashland, Ky. I felt so completely honored that they liked something I wrote. I never saw as much enthusiasm for singing as I did in Tony. He had the most amazing spirit and zest for life. I know Tony is in Heaven, but it saddens my heart to know that he is gone. I pray for his wife and kids, and for his family who all who loved him.

  44. Tony, my friend, you’ll be missed. I once drove four hours to hear you and discovered that your wife, TaRanda, also had a very beautiful voice. Your group was always one of my favorites. Tim and Kim and I enjoyed Amy as well. The Holy Spirit will be very comforting to your family now…and save me a seat over there “In God’s Holy Mountain.” You’re no doubt still still cracking jokes! Love you my friend. See you soon.

  45. May GOD bless TaRanda and the children, and the entire family.

  46. Some things in life we just can’t understand… When God has another plan walk on and just say yes. TaRanda, you have been a wonderful example of a loving wife. We will be praying for you and the children.

  47. We just want the family to know how sorry we were to hear the news this afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you. Some of the songs that you have recorded have really touched our hearts – especially “Hold On”! Also, we always enjoyed hearing him when he was on JOY FM – during sharathon time. God Bless You!

  48. I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Tony. We all love him and he will be missed by all his fans. He is enjoying all the blessing of Heaven and we will see him again. My prayers is with TaRanda and family.
    Margie Gillespie of Henderson, N.C.

  49. I was blessed to hear this man of God use his gift more than once. Actually 2 wks ago this wknd at NQC.My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this sad time. I hope they find peace and understanding in God’s plan. He is walking hand in hand with our Lord and had no more pain. God Bless you all.

  50. I am so very sorry for the lose of toni he was a favorite of mine in gospel music.I no this is going to be hard on the family just no hes not gone hes in heaven with our heavenly father and we;ll see him again with love and prayers.

  51. It’s a bittersweet moment, to be sure,
    Though we know the saved by faith endure…
    Our congratulations to the called-up saint!
    Yet our condolences go to those left, who wait
    For the day when their faith shall be made sight,
    Where, with our dear Savior, all will be right.

    My deepest condolences to all his family and friends. I’m praying for you!

  52. I am so sorry to hear of my great friend tony greenes passing, my prayers and thoughts go out to his family. He was a great inspiration to many. Tony my brother we will meet again someday by the river. Steve Warren cookeville tn.

  53. So very sorry to hear that Tony has passed away. My deepest condolences to all of his family. God Bless you all. I’m continue to pray for all of you.

  54. The Greenes have been friends for many years. They have sang at churches where I have been on a number of occasions. Bro. Tony was a very humble, gracious, talented and joyful Christian. My prayers are with TaRanda, Tim, Kim and all of the family. He will be greatly missed. Our loss is now Heavens’ gain.

  55. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of a great singer as Tony Greene. My prayers are with his family as they face these dark days. Keep you eyes toward Heaven and God will comfort you as only he can.

  56. When the Greenes sang an arrangement of “The Hallelujah Chorus” at the NQC only twelve nights ago, I felt lifted into the very presence of God. How sweet that Tony could enter God’s presence with songs of praise in his heart and on his lips. May God give comfort to all those who loved him.

  57. This is just so unbelievable. My family deeply loved the Greene’s and my daughter Pam has worked with Tim on several occassions. We are praying for the family, TaRanda and the girls.
    Our deepest sympathy to all the family.

  58. Dear Tiranda,girls,and entire Greene Family. Just want you to know you are all in our prayers. Year before last we had such a wonderful time as we traveled with Tony and Tiranda on the Christmas trip to NY Washington and the Amish Country. My wife, Ginger, had dialed Tony’s # by accident just a few weeks ago but saw it as a divine appointment as we were able to assure him of our continued prayers. Sunday, September 26 marked the 22nd anniversary of my first wife’s death by suicide. Tiranda, I was a pastor and father of an 8 year old son and a ten year old daughter at the time. The road was not easy and will not be easy. Yet, God’s grace has been and always will be sufficient. Our love and prayers.

  59. He will be missed. Loved his passion for Christ. He had a joy of the Lord that radiated from him always. You all will be in our prayers.

  60. I am so sorry for the loss of Tony he was a Wonderful Man of God. You all are in my Prayers & Thoughts. I was blessed to get to see The Greenes sing at Reidsville one year and it was a Blessing to me. It touched my heart and soul. I will treasure my CD forever I Love It & listen to it all the time. TaRanda my Prayers go out to you and Isabella (Belle), and Jocelyn (Josie). I am so sorry for your Loss.

  61. I am also blessed to have been at NQC last week. I have been clinging to the words of “When God has Another Plan” for my life. I pray that the family will also look to these words. Following God’s will is the best understanding we can gain.
    Prayers for all.

  62. We were listening to WPET 950 AM, and Bro. Dave compton had said that Tony Greene was in serious health, someone said that he had already passed. We had a home coming years ago at our Church with Tony And TaRanda Greene.They were such a blessing and their music honored the Lord Jesus. Shining Light Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC will miss him very much. Prayers go out to the family. One day Jesus, He will come to take us all home to be with Him.

  63. Tony Greene was one of the greatest SG singers. I loved to here them sing. The SG world has lost another great one. My condolences and prayers go out to the Greene family and friends. We can only take comfort in knowing that the ones who are ready will see him again in Glory. Praise the Lord. He is singing with the angels. North Carolina won’t be the same with him gone.

  64. My heart is so broken. I am so thankful to have been able to call Tony and Taranda my friends. Every year, since I have lead the music, they have come to Cheatham Hill and poured out their hearts for our little church. Their style of singing filled a void in gospel music that will be tough to replace. Taranda, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and the girls. Phillipians 4:7.

  65. this is so sad i met him and his group on a couple of occasions they have been at my church a couple of time and he was just so full of the holy spirit my prayers are with his wife and sister and the rest of the family.

  66. Was so saddened to hear the news of the passing of such a wonderful Godly man as Tony Greene. He was always such an inspiration to everyone who came in contact with him and his wonderful family, you could not only know what a wonderful ministry they were – you could feel it in their presence as well.
    Taranda, you and your precious girls are in all of our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time – we mourn your loss too!
    Yes, God Does Have Another Plan- we all know that.
    May the Grace of God be with you!
    Sandra Sands

  67. This will be a tremendous loss to gospel music. Saw them a couple of years ago at a marriage retreat and was truly blessed by his testimony. My heart goes out to his family. Praying that God will strengthen & comfort them. But just know that there is no more pain & suffering. God is in control & will be there for them.

  68. My deepest sympathy to My Brother in Christ’s family and many friends. I had met Tony here in Kansas City and had been with him many times. My dear brother in Christ I know you are no longer suffering and I so look forward to seeing you again when my time on earth is finished.
    Chaplain Vinny Vinyardi

  69. Tony’s Bible And His Music Was His Sword, As He Fought His Battle For The Lord.As Illness Overtook His Body With Suffering And Pain,He Still Kept On Praising His Savoir’s Dear Name.Now He’s Crossed That Bridge To The Other Shore,Where Pain And Suffering Shall Be No More.For His Heavenly Father Has Called Him Home, Where He Shall Sing His Heavenly Song.And If You Wonder Why God Took Him To His Desire,It’s Because He Wanted To Add On To His Heavenly Choir!-In Loving Memory Of Tony Greene From Lee

  70. I am truly sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. I have never met a more spirit filled group of young people who sang their hearts out on stage, and their ministry reached beyond the church doors. We will miss Tony very much, he was an inspirition to us all. Praying for TaRanda and Tim, and Kim, and their parents through this tough time. God bless them all.

  71. We will never be able understand/comprehend God’s plan. What we DO know is that ALL things work together for (our) good that love the Lord! (Rom 8:28) And we know, thru ‘The Greene’s’ ministry and testimony, that y’all love the Lord. It is such a tremendous loss to us, here on earth. But, O what a gain in Heaven! Taranda, my heart goes out to you and your precious children. Speaking from experience, God’s Grace is Sufficient for YOU! And this may be of little comfort to you now, however, Bro. Tony IS and will always be, memorialized thru his music ministry and testimony. Your girls will always know what an incredible father they ‘have’ in their lives. May God bless the entire family and be with you all in the days to come. God has His plan. We, all, just need to trust it!
    In God’s precious love,
    Melissa Goyette
    Marietta, Ga

  72. Tony Greene,WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFULL SERVANT!!!HE is in the arms of Jesus!I am a big fan of the Hoppers and Kim has blessed me so many times i cant even count.Everyone,please pray for these families. John LLoyd,winter haven fl.

  73. My prayers are with The Greene Family, he was a wonderful man of God. Heaven is a sweeter place now.

  74. So saddened to hear the news. The Greene’s ministered to us through song back in 2006 when we had just lost a dear loved one. Praying for the family at this time of loss. He’s singing in heaven’s choir now.

  75. Please take time to listen to the song”Beautiful Golden Somewhere”by The Greenes.That song is a very appropriate & fitting song in relating to Tony’s passing on and an enduring testimony of his life & now his new life !!! -In Loving Memory-God Bless-Lee Steele

  76. We were so very sorry to hear of Tony’s passing but we know he is in the presence of Jesus now and he is not in pain anymore. Our prayers go out to Taranda,the children and the whole Greene family. We look forward to the grand reunion in the sky. Keep looking up because our redemption is nigh.

    God Bless you!



  78. This is so sad. 🙁 I will be praying for the family…God Bless ♥

  79. We will be praying for the Greene Family!
    God Bless!!

  80. We are so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. God surely used him to touch so many people through his ministry. The Lord must have needed him in heaven’s choir. May God cover you and your family with His Arms of love and comfort. Our prayers are with you.

  81. We just saw The Greenes in concert on Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg! He was so sweet and friendly! I got my picture made with him and Taranda. I’m so shocked today and very sad for all the family 🙁

  82. Our condolences to the Greene family. What a blessing you were to us at NQC. We had the privilege of being at NQC when Tony proposed on his knee . . . . he is singing in heaven and will be greatly missed. Our prayers go out to Taranda and the family – – blessings to all of you!

  83. For the past I don’t know how many years I have watched Tony introduce many groups at the Singing on the Mountain that the Greenes have hosted for years. I know the mountain will never be the same without him nor will the singing held at the Broyhill Center in Lenoir that he host. My prayers are with you, TaRanda and family. I know that tonight as we are feeling sad that Heaven is rejoicing with another singer has gone home. What a wonderful man of God he was.

  84. My heart was sadden to hear about the passing of Tony. I have so many memories of all the concerts that I have had the privledge to attend. You know the Hoppers says it all when they sing “Shoutin Time In Heaven” that is exactly what Tony is doing and the most important thing is, as christians, we will get to join him one day. To all of the family of the Greene’s and the Hoppers, May GOD give you strength to carry you through this time and the days ahead. God Bless you all. Love and Prayers!!!!

  85. Our hearts are heavy, but we know Tony his with our Heavenly Father. He will surely be missed. Our thoughts & prayers are with the family. God bless you all.

  86. Our hearts are heavy with saddeness. Tony will greatly be missed but, his music will live forever. May God continue to bless the family each day. God Bless you all.

  87. There are really no words to help ease your pain, but I pray that God will continue to surround you with His love and presence. I’m so sorry for the loss of a great man of God-of a precious husband and a wonderful father.

  88. Was Tony a lot older than Taranda? He looks like he was. Their kids are so young. It’s so sad.

  89. I was blessed to attend concerts twice where the Greene family performed. Once in Mooresville NC and the second time at our little church in Rockwell NC, Both times the spirit of God filled the rooms when they sang! Tony and Taranda blessed everyone when they took the stage. God bless you Taranda and I will keep you and your daughters in my prayers! Jesus took an angel home!

  90. This was very heartbreaking to hear. My heart goes out to the Greene Family and the Hoppers.


  92. I didn’t learn of this until recently. It broke my heart completely, as he passed exactly a week before my Mom did,which was probably why I didn’t hear about it, we were on a deathbed vigil of our own.
    But I have to tell you all this- Tony Greene was what he sang about. He was truly a man of God. There was a time in my life when I was going through a severe trial, and I was also dealing with severe trust issues. At that time, I was skeptical of anyone who said they were a Christian, as I had been hurt deeply by someone close who claimed to be one. At that time, the Greene’s had a song, that Tony sang lead on called “I Prayed Through Today” I wondered when I heard it, if he meant what he sang. During my trial, God told me to call Tony Greene. I was shockedthat God would tell me to do that. It was during their week of Gospel singing in the mountains(forget what it was called) in 1994. Anyway, when I called, Tony was the one who answered, and he prayed and also requested prayer for me at the gospel sing as well. I will never forget that. I also got to speak to him in person a couple of months later and thank him for caring for me and my situation. RIP Tony. Even though you are gone from this Earth, your life and your music is still witnessing to people.


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