News Roundup #12

There have been enough stories that I can’t go without mentioning that I may as well put them all into one post.

  • Every Day Driven disbanded late last week. Members Channing Eleton, Paul Lancaster, and Buddy & Keri Mullins are going their own separate ways. At least it appears to be on good terms. Kyle Boering’s analysis, here, is probably the most detailed out there.
  • Monument Quartet seems to have a steadily changing lineup; Wes Burke notices a new, unknown face at the bass position and a new, quite known face at lead–Daryl Williams. Baritone/owner Marshall Pugh and tenor Matt Felts seem to be the only two constants in the group. EDIT (3:10 PM): Readers AS and CD notice that Monument’s new bass singer is former Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet bass Jerry Pilgrim.
  • Greater Vision has posted sound clips from their latest project, Go and Tell by the Greater Vision Kids. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]
  • Liberty Quartet’s Keith Waggoner has the post of the day here. Perhaps I should say post of the week, since I’m a little late mentioning it, but it is probably the most insightful and introspective post I’ve seen on what allergies and other vocal irritations can mean to a professional singer.

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  1. I believe I read somewhere that Monument Quartet’s new bass is Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet’s former bass, Jerry Pilgrim.

  2. Daryl Williams is filling in.

  3. Good call on Jerry Pilgrim. The neard and lack of gray hair threw me off.

  4. that was supposed to be beard

  5. I was wondering if you’d notice that! 😈

  6. I have a friend who knows them and said that Daryl Williams has taken the job full-time. He was filling in on piano but when the lead came open, he took the job permantly. Yeah that is Jerry Pilgrim hiding behind that beard. They have had some changes but no more than most groups. I hope this lineup stays because this is an all-star lineup. Williams is a great singer. Pilgrim is an awesome bass singer (my top three favorite) and Felts is unbelievable (top 5). Pugh is a really good baritone as well. They still have the full band right?

  7. Williams was quoted on another site saying that he was in for the rest of the year.

  8. While reading the comments about the constantly changing faces in groups, I started wondering how these guys can make it financially when they bounce from group to group. I think that Pilgrim moved his family to Lynchburg, then the OTGH disbanded, etc. Now he is with another group. This has to be hard on families and finances, and I guess,, only shows how much some folks sacrifice to continue singing their favorite music. I don’t think guys in groups of this level make that much money, but maybe they are backed by “rich uncles” or spouses who have good jobs.