Sony’s Thoughts: Down But Not Out

On the last day of the National Quartet Convention, I hurt my leg. I’m still not sure what I did but it seemed like the best thing to do was to keep it up for the most part, walking only when necessary. The following Wednesday, I came down with a sore throat which lasted several days. Since I was “down” anyway, I decided it was a good time to not feel well but I think I learned what it means to be “down but not out.”

When a person is sick or incapacitated for some reason, it seems like there are two options. We can get frustrated and discouraged or we can turn to God and say, “Thank You, Lord, for this time to do nothing but praise You.” For myself, it’s a great reminder to “Be still and know that I am God.” When we’re able to run around, it seems like that’s what we spend our time doing but there’s nothing like sitting in His presence doing nothing but communicating with Him and listening for His voice.

I’m still human and, after a few days of being down, I start to get eager to get back up and running but I’m learning to trust the Lord. Thankfully, God granted me a quick recovery for both my leg and my sore throat but, if He hadn’t, my job would have been to continue to lean on Him and know that He knows what’s best for me. Even when I’m down physically, I don’t have to be out of sorts. It does no good anyway. Being “down” is a great time to rely on God’s peace. He will grant it if we but ask. When we’re down, we can still encourage others and smile at those who are serving us. Don’t let satan win but make a conscious effort to take what he meant for evil and allow God to use it for good.

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  1. Sony-

    Good word today.

    Several years ago I developed a singer’s nodule and had to have it surgically removed. There followed a six-week recovery period when I was not allowed to utter a sound. After the silent period the voice did come back strong. But during that time I received a get well card from someone whom, to this day, I don’t know.

    The message of the card was this, “There is no music in a rest; only the making of music.” The longer I pondered the thought, the more I realized that in a musical score a “rest” allows you to absorb what has just preceded it and to prepare and anticipate what’s to come.

    That process seems to be what you experienced in your being temporarily limited by your injured leg and sore throat. Cherish the down time. It’s a wonderful time to readjust your emotions, priorities and goals.

  2. Great article! God bless you and your family!

  3. Couldn’t agree more!

  4. Sony, my friend, your words serve as a very good reminder to all of us!