Tony Greene funeral video to be posted online

Last night, Southern Gospel artists gathered from around the country to commemorate the life of fellow singer Tony Greene, and to comfort his wife TaRanda and their two daughters, Belle and Josie. JoyFM streamed the funeral live, but reports indicated that their traffic load was so heavy that some users were unable to load the website and access the stream. For all who could not catch it, and for all who would like to see it, the host church (First Baptist Church Indian Trail) has announced they will be posting the video on their site today, here.ย (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.)

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  1. Thank you Lord! I couldn’t get online either. So now I can see it after all.

    • We rejoyce in The Lord to know that our Heavenly Father has Tony embraced in his arms forever .He has no pain ,No sufferning.He will be missed by all.

      We too shall SEE HIM .


      • I really want to see this video…I missed seeing it…Does anyone know how I can view the entire funeral service? My heart just was broken when I heard the news about the passing of Tony,…..The song”I Can’t Even Walk” was a big uplift for me when I was down in the valley….

      • Regrettably, I believe it has now been taken down. If you contact either the church or TaRanda Greene, there is at least some chance that they may have a recording available.

  2. I was able to listen online to the whole funeral. It was a moving service,and the preaching and singing was wonderful! Tony preached his funeral through the life he lived. The Homecoming choir was awesome and so was Janet Paschal,Triumphant Quartet,Greater Vision and Taranda’s singing. I do not know how Taranda did it,other than with the Lord’s strength, but she did! I can not wait to see it on video!

  3. What time is the online video to be shown?

    • FBCIT website says by 8 pm tonight (I assume that’s EST.

  4. There is no way I could sing under such circumstances. HIS strength is endless when ever you need it.

  5. It’s already online. What a beautiful service it was!

    • Okay, for some reason I’m not seeing the video when I click on the link, just the church’s home page.

      • Oh wait, never mind, found it now!

  6. What a service. Just unreal. Still can not get over how Taranda sang. Wow God Bless Her.

    • Singing for the funeral of someone you dearly loved is not something you can do by your strength alone. I can tell you that from personal experience. If you feel it’s something the Lord is calling you to, then you just have to have the trust and faith that He will give you what you need to get through it in a way that brings all honor and glory to Him.

      TaRanda is amazing and God is good.

  7. I was able to open the video for the service but I had no sound. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Not that I’ve heard of – others have had other issues but not that one. Make sure your plugins are up-to-date, your speakers are connected and turned up, and check the advanced settings for your computer’s sound system to ensure nothing’s muted.

  8. Worked for me—beautiful! Loved Jim Brady’s solo on “Farther Along.”

    The song Taranda sang wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, but she tore my heart out anyway. Tear-jerking stuff.

    • I agree. TaRanda’s song was a bit more progressive for my taste, but it was nonetheless incredibly beautiful and so touching!!

  9. One thing though—did somebody forget to turn on Mark Trammell’s microphone? Because I couldn’t hear him…

    • That was the one and only audio glitch I had during the whole thing.

  10. Never did hear Mark’s voice very good.

    • It sounded like the mic was on in the house mix, but didn’t get turned up in the broadcast mix.

  11. I can’t believe Tony requested “Elvira.” ROFL! ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. have watched it twice. Great service, great preaching, altar call at a funeral, perfect. 15 souls saved. Tony would love it. TaRanda, what can we say. Sang from the depths of her soul. loved her before, still love her.

  13. How do I get to the video to play it.
    When I get to the and click view I get this window telling me I need to install Quick Time and I have done that and nothing happens. Please advise.
    Thank you and God Bless

    • Jane, I got that message too. Just count to 60 and wait. It’ll play eventually.

  14. Cannot get the download. Is there a transcript or something that can at least tell me about it?

  15. I can not get the video to play. It tells me to download quick time. I have done that & it still doesn’t work. I really want to see the video. Any suggestions on how to get it to work?

    • Did you also install Quicktime, or just download it?

    • You just have to patient. I have Quicktime and ran into that same thing too. You just have to wait for a minute or two. It should play eventually.

  16. We know that Tony is in the Arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We too will all SEE Him WHO KNOW THE LORD .


    { unable to get the video of His funeral ,just the website?Help}

  17. Thanks for the link newsogofan!

    • You’re welcome, though now it doesn’t seem to want to play for me… ๐Ÿ™

  18. i have tried quicktime and when it says download it goes to real player and then i get some kind of music off the wall. still can’t get the video. can you please help me?

  19. We just learned of Tony’s death as we are preparing for our cruise to the Mexican Riveria of which he was to be on. We loved this, man his music and his humor. Our deepest condolonces to all his family especially his wife and daughters and to Kim and Tim

  20. The funeral was only available to view for a few days on the church’s website. I sent an email to ask why they took it down so soon and received a reply stating that because of all the artists and their copyright issues, the church could no longer offer the video for viewing. I only got to see it through when TaRanda sang and was hoping to view the rest but I guess that is not to be. My thoughts and prayers are with TaRanda and the family.

    • Oh that is so sad… I’m so glad I took the time to watch it all the way through once!