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Southern Gospel blogger John Scheideman, probably the most active Southern Gospel blogger on the West Coast, is posting daily updates from the Great Western Southern Gospel Fan Festival (GWSGFF) in Fresno, California. He’s already posted on the Thursday and Friday performances, and promises Saturday’s summary (late) tonight. Check it out to find out which songs (and groups) are getting a response on the West Coast.

UPDATE (5/4/08, 7:51 AM): Check out his coverage of the third and final day as well. Now I finally know what he’s talking about when he talks about Liberty Quartet with these words:

Tonight they had the crowd eatting out of their hands by their third song. After a rousing patriotic medley, they got the crowd off their seats with a lively original song penned by Waggoner. They finished with a great cover of the old Speers hit, “City Coming Down”, where they were joined on stage by the members of Greater Vision. When Royce hit those bottom notes, the look on Gerald Wolfe’s face almost said, “Next time we do another “Quartets” project, you’re going to be one of my basses!” Liberty’s set thrilled me and pumped me up…and rocked the house! …

You name it, they can do it all. The rest of the country NEEDS to be exposed to the Liberty Quartet…if you’re a gospel fan, you’re almost sure to love this group.

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  1. I’ve checked into the John Scheideman blog coverage of the GWSGFF for the past two days and he’s reporting some exciting happenings. It makes me wish I were there to take it in live. It’s a worthwhile read for sure.