Gospel Singing Caravan returns

The Gospel Singing Caravan was an institution of the 1960s, featuring the Blue Ridge Quartet, the LeFevres, the Johnson Sisters, the Prophets, and the Rangers Trio. It had both a TV program and live tours. Via Wes Burke, Daywind is resurrecting the name, launching a new recording and tour featuring the Chuck Wagon Gang, Blackwood Brothers, and the LeFevre Quartet. Mike LeFevre, baritone and manager of the LeFevre Quartet, is the group’s sole connection to the initial lineup, as he is the son of a group member featured in the initial group.

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  1. I don’t remember the Gospel Caravan. I don’t guess they ever made it to the Piney Woods of East Texas. But, I do remmeber Wally Fowler bringing something similiar to my area back in the early 1970’s. J.D. Sumner & The Stamps was the headliner, with Mr Fowler being the emcee of the festivities. One lady I remember well had a voice as large at Vestelle Goodman’s, and brought the house down.

    The Stamps lineup at that time was J.D., Ed Hill, Bill Baise, and a fellow who later went into country music Dave Rowland (remember Dave & Sugar?)

    I hope that the caravan makes it to my area this time

  2. While Mike is a connection, so is his son Jordan, to the original gospel caravan, it is interesting and fitting that the 2 groups chosen to be a part of the new caravan are direct descendants of groups that were ‘the mega groups’ of that day. Shay is the granddaughter of Anna in the chuck wagon gang and Billy & Jimmy are the sons of James Blackwood.

    • Oops-I forgot about Jordan! 😮

      The Chuck Wagon Gang and Blackwood Brothers were definitely popular in that day – they just weren’t in that tour.

  3. With the success of Jubilee it’s no wonder Daywind would want to bring this back. I would love to see more groups do this.

  4. That is awesome Daniel! The Blackwood Brothers are one of my favorite groups! They could not have joined together 3 better groups to pay tribute to the groups of old. Now, I have a question though. Is Jordan singing lead for them now? He was singing lead at NQC on one of the showcases but I did not know if it was because David was helping with the sound system? Just wondering?

    • Hmm – I was wondering why Jordan was singing, but didn’t think about David not being there.

      • David is one of my favorite lead singers. You can’t teach what he has!!! LOL! Jordan did a great job though. I was just wondering if it was temporary or maybe a sign of things to come??

    • David is in the multi-group picture on the website and I can hear him on the song “Hiding Place” that is playing.

    • Jordan regularly sings baritone in his father’s place on a couple of their songs. He sings the second verse on I Love Him So and he is featured on their new album and at concerts on a new song, The Coming of the Lord. David Staton is still their lead singer.

      • Thanks Mrs. Diana!!! He does a super job. He has a great voice like his dad.

  5. The Rangers Trio were members of the Caravan for a short time, but the main 4th group was The Prophets.

    • Did I somehow omit them? Wow, thanks for the catch. I had them in mind while writing the story – I knew they were part, since I have the Caravan LPs on which they appear.

  6. Good for ABK for mentioning the Rangers Trio and the Prophets being with the Caravan, which I remember fondly (saw the Caravan “live” many times). Both groups had the incomparable Roy McNeal in the ranks (tenor with the Rangers,lead with the Prophets). I still remember the first time I ever heard Roy sing in person. I was a high schooler, and sat frozen in my seat when I heard that amazing voice. No one in the business has ever been better at styling a song, voice control, and impeccable tones even at high range. He and his wife, Beverly, live in the same town where I live now…and I can attest to the fact that he can STILL sing!