Saturday News Roundup #57

In the news (other than the major headlines of the week, Troy Peach leaves the Perrys, Jerry Martin leaves the Dove Brothers, and Matt Dibler leaves the Diplomats):

  • The Men of Music, a group founded by original Cathedrals tenor Bobby Clark and several other quartet veterans in the mid-90s, are back after a three-year hiatus. This week, they signed to Homeland’s Riversong label. The group, originally based in Texas, now makes its home in Jackson, Mississippi. Their recent radio single, “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be,” made it to #7 on the SoundClick Country chart, and #3 on the Christian Country chart, in mid-September.
  • Legacy Five pianist Tim Parton is putting up daily blog posts covering the group’s trip through Canada. If you don’t follow the Legacy Five blog yet, check it out here.

Post of the Week

Music Think Tank, a blog on the music industry, published a thought-provoking column earlier this week, asking whether the music created at the end of a recording session is the music the artist dreamed of creating. It draws a comparison to novels, quoting from another writer, who admits: “Many novelists, if they are pressed and if they are being honest, will admit that the finished book is a rather rough translation of the book they’d intended to write.” It’s a fascinating insight into the limits of recorded creativity, well worth the read.

Tweet of the Week

Dean and Kim Hopper’s teenage daughter Karlye has maintained one of the most consistently entertaining Southern Gospel-related Twitter accounts. Take, for example, her tweet Wednesday night: “Mom just discovered YouTube. It’s gonna be a long night.”

And in conclusion…

I plan to travel out to the Inspirations’ Fall Colors sing in Franklin, NC this afternoon/evening at the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts in Franklin, North Carolina. Several other groups, including the Perrys and Dove Brothers, are also appearing. Former Perrys pianist Matthew Holt is back on the bus for the weekend, playing piano and singing baritone, and this will either be Jerry Martin’s final concert with the Dove Brothers or former Singing Americans tenor Phil Barker will be filling in. It promises to be quite a night, so this is a must-see concert if you are within driving distance of Franklin.

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  1. This is kinda Changing the subject but. I think the best tenor ever is David Phillps..

    Gaithers really have a great line up… Michael English is belting it out… Just Good

  2. Unless there was a change of plans, Phil starts tomorrow (Sunday).