Dove Brothers hire Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price has officially been hired as the new Dove Brothers tenor. His first date with the group was last Saturday’s concert in Franklin, NC, reviewed here.

Dove Brothers lead singer/manager McCray Dove stated: “He’s got a different sound than any of our previous tenors, but it’s a good fit, and we’re excited about his future with our group.” He added, “I was taught a long time ago by a prominent member of the Gospel music community that you don’t go looking for a replacement when someone leaves your group. You have to look for someone who brings something fresh to the group. Jonathan brings that fresh sound to our group, and we know he’s going to do an exciting job in this post.”

Price most recently sang with the Dixie Melody Boys for three years, and was a member of Paul’s Journey before that.

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  1. I guess in this case the Price is right. 😀

  2. So how different of a sound does he have?

  3. An excellent hire! Few tenors have the clarity and high range that Jerry Martin has, but this young man does. Congrats!

  4. Price comes the school of “Ed” just like McCray.

    • Price comes FROM the school of “Ed” just like McCray.

  5. I had just told my little brother a few days ago that Jonathan had been with the DMB for a few years and it was about time for him to graduate from the “Ed O’Neal University.” I told him that the next big group that was without a tenor could possibly be where Jonathan would go. LOL! I did not realize that it was going to be the Dove Brothers though. But Daniel, when you posted the review of the concert this past weekend, I thought to myself that he would be perfect for the Dove Brothers. For one, McRay is an Ed O’Neal graduate himself and secondly I thought that he had the range to get the job done. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. God bless you!

    • No problem! Having seen him with them, I really think he will be a great fit.

  6. I had to youtube search for DMB to listen to some of their music, and discovered that Jonathon Price has one of “those” voices that just seems to fit in any SG group.

    But, what do I know. I confuse the Dove Brothers and the Booth Brothers for some reason.

    • That’s funny! They sound completely different… plus one’s a quartet and one’s a trio… 😀

      • But, they’re all brothers.:)

    • My dad does the same thing! LOL! He will ask me if our quartet is going to do that Booth Brothers song, “I Still Got A Feeling” and I tell him that that is the Dove Brothers. LOL! He just cracks me up!

    • When I started listening to the Gospel Greats, I hadn’t heard of either one. So I did that a few times, till I learned who was who. That’s weird.

      • Yeah, I’d never heard of either one either. I first heard the Booth Brothers on that Homecoming version of “Amazing Grace” where they sang the second verse. I sort of filed them away as a “group to check out” but had no idea how popular they were.

        I picked up bits and pieces later, but Declaration sealed the deal. 😀 Now I’m officially a crazed fan.

  7. After seeing Jonathan with the guys over at Franklin, this is no surprise. For someone who was doing his first ever performance of any kind with them, I was impressed with how he didn’t miss a lick or anything. Jonathan has the range, personality, and style that fit the Doves from the moment he hit the stage with them.

  8. I think he will work just fine. So he doesn’t sound like Jerry Martin or John Rulapaugh, so what?, look at the Inspirations, Jodi Hosterman sounds nothing like Archie Watkins, and he is doing great over there!

  9. Someone once asked who did the song “I’m Not Giving Up.” They thought it was the Oak Ridge Boys. I told them no, it was Gold City. They maintained that it sounded like the Oaks. Uh, not hardly. Two totally different sounds. But then again, there are those who can’t tell the Statler Brothers from the Oaks. You can’t get much different than that although some have thought Alabama or the Gatlins were the Oaks. LOL.

    As far as the Booth Brothers, I first heard them on the Freedom Band DVD doing “Still Feeling Fine.” As far as I am concerned they pretty much “stole the show.”

    • Isn’t that run of the mill for the Booth Brothers though? Stealing the show, that is. 😉

    • q-m – Overall, I wouldn’t say they sound alike, but in 2006-2007, when they were without Tim Riley and were looking around for a sound, I think the case could be made that they definitely went closer in the ORB’s direction, at least.

      NSF – It is now. It hasn’t always been, though.

      • Well obviously they had to start out as a group nobody knew and work their way up… doesn’t everybody?

      • No.

        Think for just a moment. Brian Free & Assurance, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Karen Peck & New River, Greater Vision, Legacy Five, the Mark Trammell Trio/Quartet, and dozens of others over the years have started out as headliners – because a group member put a good deal of time in with a name group first.

        Of course, if Ron Booth had launched the Booth Brothers right after leaving the Rebels, the Booth Brothers might have started out as headliners. But Michael and Ronnie might not have even been born yet, and their voices certainly hadn’t changed.

      • That’s a point well put. I hadn’t considered that. Although Signature Sound took a couple years before they really exploded with Gaither—right around the time they changed their name to Ernie Haase & Signature Sound instead of the Signature Sound Quartet.

        But I think it reflects well on the BBs that they’ve come so far without having a major name driving their popularity. The groups you’ve listed are of course very talented in their own right, but it’s a special mark of talent when you reach the top tier after having started on a low rung.

      • Well, plenty of groups are rather successful in SG without Gaither’s backing, and I think EHSS was at least mid-tier popular, possibly getting into the top tier, before they joined Gaither.

      • True. They were already winning awards by that time—I think Stand By Me Live won favorite album, and didn’t Doug win Horizon Individual?

      • Yes, I think so. At any rate, they were comfortably at or near the top tier.

      • Dan 😉 , I agree that they moved closer to the Oak’s sound at that point (and McCune argued as being a cross between Sterban and Riley in sound. However, the Oaks have distinctive voices (of course I know them well). I am also not implying Gold City doesn’t. However, even comparing Bonsall against any other tenor is hard to do and of course most gospel quartet’s tenors sing a good deal higher. Many might not hear the baritone part in group vocals, but Golden is a barb wire one. Allen also has a voice that I have never heard anyone sound like.

        With that said, I presume the person asking the question (which was asked on the Oaks board) had heard the original recording. Just comparing Parrack to Bonsall should be enough to know it isn’t the Oaks. 😀

        Now, the above isn’t meant to insult either group (in fact when I list my favorite groups the Oaks, Cathedrals (the version with Funderburk and Trammell being my absolute favorite), Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City and Singing Americans (with Funderburk or Strickland and English or Parker) are who I list and the Stamps (with Sterban, Donnie Sumner, Ed Enoch and Bill Baize in particular.)

        I did also like the Sound (their first lp at least) and like several other groups (the Perrys, Hoppers, Greenes etc. to name a few).

  10. [edit] Just went to hear the Dixie Melody Boys two weeks ago. It is a complete different sound, I don’t know if he will be a good fit or not. [edit]

  11. [edit] He is on youtube, type in jonathan price. Jerry I miss you already 🙁