Jacob Kitson joins Greater Vision

Jacob KitsonGreater Vision has selected their next tenor, Jacob Kitson of Tribute Quartet. Kitson is from Yuma, Arizona, and is the oldest of twelve children (four boys, eight girls). Various biographies posted online refer to Kitson as being from Yuma, Arizona; perhaps this is his birthplace, because his family group (with whom he sang until joining Tribute in 2006) is based in Michigan.

The Kitsons released a self-titled CD in 2006 (sound clips here); it’s not clear whether this was recorded before or after Jacob left to join Tribute. But I must say that the vocalist on “More than Able,” a Greater Vision tune, sounds quite a bit like Jacob. If this is him, this would support what Rodney Griffin said in Greater Vision’s press release:

Rodney Griffin said… “I look forward to what the Lord has in store as Jacob joins our ministry. Jacob says he’s been a Greater Vision fan since he was a teenager. Now that’s he’s joining us, we’ll see how long he remains one! LOL”

Tribute released two CDs with Kitson, My Tribute and Anticipation. Their radio single “When Those Gates Open Wide,” featuring Jacob, is posted in its entirety on their homepage. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.] It is also posted on Tribute’s MySpace page, along with several other songs featuring Jacob singing a harmony part and one other song on which he’s featured, “God Knows.”

Something tells me that Jacob Kitson will be 2009’s Horizon Individual of the Year. And he will deserve it, too.

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  1. Forget 2009, Jacob was deserving of the win in 2008. It is a shame that it takes a move like this with someone of his great talent to be recognized. The same thing happened with Tim Duncan after he joined EHSS. Fans seemed to just recognize his talent when he was performing solid bass singing several years prior to that with Poet Voices.

    I think Jacob will be a great fit with GV. Look forward to hearing the results.

  2. I’m excited about Jacob’s move to Greater Vision. Although I have heard of Tribute Quartet, I have never seen them in concert nor do I have either of their CDs. I have, however, just listened to their CDs that my sister lent me, and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from Jacob.

  3. Jacob Kitson will be an awesome fit for Greater Vision. He is a dynamic singer and has a great stage personality. More importantly, he is a person of high morals and integrity. He will be a new favorite among the gospel music fans, and with good reason. Greater Vision has always been a group that has done things well, and this decision proves their track record continues.

    That said, if anyone out there is even remotely thinking about counting out Tribute Quartet because of this loss (as I have seen commented on other message boards already), think again. It was, after all, Tribute that found Jacob Kitson and introduced him to the gospel music world. I have the utmost respect for these three men left in the group, and know they will not settle for just any tenor to fill the void–they’ll find someone who has equally as good a fit as Jacob did, and they’ll continue to make their mark on this industry as they most obviously have been doing, from their robust tour schedule to their recent SN Top 5 nomination for Horizon Group, as well as a whole lot of other good things they have going for them.

    The bottom line is: as long as any group works hard and stays true to the Lord and His will for them, God won’t leave them hanging. Stay tuned…this thing is going to get exciting for both groups, and we the fans are the lucky ones to benefit.

  4. Hey…It’s gonna be a big race between Jacob and Bruce…can’t wait to see who wins…
    BTW-This makes me feel awkward [talking about next years Fan Awards when this year’s haven’t finished…lol]…

  5. Jacob, so if I am looking right will you be in Grand Haven, mi Sat July 26th?? Let me know. That is where I live and if you be singing here then maybe I will attend the concert.

  6. Jacob used to be my buss caption at Grace Baptist, I used to tease him like crazy, and about what, you may ask? About his ‘Girly voice’ I feel so bad now! Now my Best Friend and I miss him like crazy!
    He used to be Pizza Face Girly Voice Jacob Kitson, and now look…

    ell, good luck Jacob! =D

  7. It’s great to see Jacob finally accomplish one of his dreams. I remember him trying out for Legacy Five in ’05 only to be notified that there wasn’t a need anymore because the position wasn’t going to be vacated. He has written some pretty good songs over the years and I look forward to the work he will accomplish with some of the greatest vocalists in Souther Gospel. I think someone needs to find him a wife though. He was never very smooth with women and has always been kinda dorky, haha. She had better be prepared for someone with ALOT of energy, passion, and corny humor though, because he has all three.


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