TaRanda Greene to do solo dates, for now

TaRanda Green posted an open letter on her website thanking the Southern Gospel community for their support through the last few weeks. [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.] She said that while Jeff Snyder would be moving on, and she would be taking some time to rest, she will keep singing:

Tony was my biggest encourager and always pushed me to sing. I have been very blessed over the last few years with amazing opportunities. I look back on all of it as a time of preparation for this new day. The very best way I can remember Tony is to do what I know he would want me to do: I will sing! I will hurt, and I will grieve. I will share with our precious girls every memory of their wonderful father who loved them. I will take each day one step at a time. I will look forward to what life has ahead for me. I will cling and hold on to the relationships and friendships that have carried me through. And, I will sing.

She said there would be more formal announcements about the future of the Greenes at a later date. But for the time being, Jeff Snyder will be moving on, and she will fulfill several key engagements in November and December as a solo artist, with Greenes pianist John Jeffrey as accompanist.

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  1. Know matter what course of action she takes we all love Taranda. This is a good move taking her time and get it all worked out. Unless a person has going through what she has going through we just don’t know how tough it is for her. We must keep praying for Taranda and her girls.

  2. My heart goes out to Taranda, and her daughters. I pray for her everytime I think of the song “Hold On”, and the gentle way that she took his hand during the song. To say that she is one of the strongest Christians I’ve seen is not an understatement. Yes, she will sing. Yes, she will move ahead. No, she will never “get over” Tony’s death, nor should she be expected to. As a strong Christian, she will adapt and cope and have a huge ministry for the lost and hurting.

  3. I have just been listening when you sing “So blessed”, and now I read in the Homecoming magazine that your husband has died.
    I pray for you and your girls and my hope is that you will continue to feel blessed.
    Eva Lundblad Sweden

  4. Taranda, you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. My heart hurts for you and the girls. Please know that one day we all can see Tony again. We love you so much.
    Love Roy & Audrey

  5. Taranda,just thinking about you & your girls.just know that the lord will be your companion & best friend. he is ever present when we need him. my sister lost her husband in dec 1-2007 she had a 22 month old little girl & a little boy on the way. they had sing gospel music for about 27 years. this has been very hard to swollow knowing there is 2 babies without their dad.but glenda has kept on going forward in the lord. god has been so faithful to us. this will build faith even more when you really have to trust God completely not knowing what tomorrow holds. thank the lord we truly know who holds our tomorrows. would you e-mail me and let me know if you would come to south Ga to minister in song.would love to get with you and encourage you to keep on traveling the journey God has prepared for you & the girls. The lord will take good care of you all. just keep on depending on the one who’s mighty
    he will keep you taranda with that awesome keeping power. God Bless & Keep you all…

  6. praying for you and look forward to seeing you in Dalton, GA

  7. Hi Taranda,
    Been thinking about you a lot lately. Thought I saw you on the Gaither Hour this past weekend. You looked so pretty. Sure would love to see you and the girls. If you could post a picture of them I would love to see them. You have always been in my prayers and thoughts, since the Lord called Bro. Tony Home. Sure do miss you.

    Joan A.Rainey
    South Henderson P. H. Church

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  9. Dear taranda may the amazing grace of god which surpasses human understanding! Take you such a difficult period of loosing tony yr best friend! But the good lord wil
    Take you thru! It’s a very painful
    Journey! But open
    Yr heart to the lord and express yr sadness! He will take you
    Thru the mourning period, of how long the good lord knows! Its prayer that the good lord brings you another loving guy who will luv and cuddle
    You with yr daughters! Life has to go on! Merry Xmas and happy new yr 2012! May you live to see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living!

  10. taranda thanks for being my friend you and tony were my best singers i would love to have you in my home again keep singing give the girls a hug for me love ya patty

  11. Hello Taranda:
    How blessed the people at the Alliance Church in Chilliwack, BC were last evening.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful ministry you shared with the Hoppers, and for the heartfelt testimony sharing your story.
    We wanted to let you know how blessed and encouraged we were, we sat right in the front row, and were conpletely enthralled by your tremendous range and power of your voice was tremendous.
    “Today I walked where Jesus walked”, was so moving, I am sure there were not many dry eyes last evening
    Thank you for coming and filling the hearts of all who attended, and as all the previous comments mentioned “Keep on singing”
    God bless you and your precious girls.

    Lynn & Rita

  12. My sister in christ, TaRanda, you are my inspiration and keep up the good work.you have shown the world what love means by taking such a step of donating a kidney to your beloved husband, Tony.i have been following your story all the way from south africa, though i am now in england.God has another plan, and is always good news.
    remain blessed