Question of the Week: Roy Webb

I had the chance to catch up with solo piano artist Roy Webb in September at the National Quartet Convention; he had just left Gold City at the time. Here is our conversation:

[audio:/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/QOTW-Roy-Webb.mp3|titles=Question of the Week with Roy Webb]

For a transcript, click the “more” link.Daniel: So you recently announced, a couple of weeks ago, that you’ll be leaving Gold City?

Roy: Yeah, I left Gold City about three weeks ago. I’m going back to the solo ministry. It works better with my schedule, with my life, with my family. I’ve got two kids that are 12 and 15, my wife at home. It just makes it easier.

Daniel: If someone wants to book you for a solo concert?

Roy: It’s easy. Just go to [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.] Actually, what’s been happening a lot is that people are looking me up on Facebook. So just look me up at Roy Webb on Facebook.

Daniel: What can people expect from a typical piano concert? Piano playing, some audience singing?

Roy: I don’t even know what to expect half the time! But it’s piano playing, singing, obviously comedy. It’s just a really good time. I never know how long it’s gonna last. As long as the people stay there and keep listening to me, I’ll keep coming out.

Daniel: Thank you very much!

Roy: No problem.

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  1. hey roy webb this is your biggest fan ever shelby lynn diiro from fergus falls mn i was wondering if you would be willing to come out to fergus falls mn and do a solo concert with us.from your loving fan shelby lynn diiro in fergus falls mn if you ever need to get ahold of me you can always reach me on my cell at [EDIT. Contact Administrator if phone number needed.] i love you so much roy webb love you always
    shelby lynn diiro
    fergus falls mn

  2. As one who has booked Roy Webb and had him in concert you are in for one of the greatest evenings you’ve ever had. You’ll laugh & cry both at the same time. You’re laughing so hard you’re crying. He is funny and a great guy to have in concert. If he is ever in your area I would encourage you to attend.

  3. so roy webb would you be willing to come here to fergus falls mn and sing for us.