Saturday News Roundup #58

In the news:

  • Revelation, the Northern Irish trio who came to the U.S. in early August to record their national debut project, is doing the debut concert for that project tonight (in Northern Ireland). Blogger Phil Boles will be there and reviewing it; watch his blog for the review.
  • The Southern Baptist publication Baptist Press featured the Fire in the Choir NQC showcase here. (Hat tip, CH)
  • The Greenes’ third vocalist, Jeff Snyder, will be coming off the road, pursuing a career as an insurance agent.
  • The Ball Brothers have the most awesome CD title/cover in a long time. Check it out here:

Video of the week:

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  1. “I am not politically correct either.”

    Almost stood up and cheered… 😀

    • How did I know when I saw your comment that the video would be about L5? 😆

      • Well, it says “Legacy Five” in the video title right there, so you didn’t even need my comment. But if it gave you a preliminary heads-up, great! 😀

      • But I saw your comment before seeing the video title. And something like that is bound to be Scott Fowler! 😀

  2. I think the Ball Brothers title is very clever indeed – however I fail to see how awesome the cover is…

    • Chris, notice the lamp post behind them? The Ball Brothers have found their way into Narnia! 🙂

      • Hum, actually though scratch that, because there appear to be several lamp-posts. But anyway, a very snazzy cover!

      • however, a theme album paying tribute to the works C.S. Lewis would be something i would buy and would be totally unique in Southern Gospel.

      • Ah, well there was a group called 2nd Chapter of Acts that did an album based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardobe once. You might find it interesting. 😉

      • Ah, well there was a group called 2nd Chapter of Acts that did an album based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe once. You might find it interesting. 😉

      • Oh crud, I used the back button and it accidentally made my comment publish twice…

  3. SoGoFan, I didn’t know that this wonderful trio of two sisters and their baby brother were still remembered. They had some wonderful music in the “day”, and it is a blessing to listen to them.

    By the way, I loved the way that the words “your church” were placed in quotes by Scott when he finished his statement. My question is, what kind of church would forbid anyone to speak of what Christ has done, or forbid the mention of Christ in prayer? Good for L5! They just rose to astronomical heights in my opinion

    • I would like to think that any other southern gospel group would do the same thing.

  4. I was able to see the Perry’s Saturday night. It was Bryan Walker’s first night with them.

    Before the concert, I asked Bryan if he was nervous. He said, no, not really. I found out during the concert that when Joseph was off the road back in June to get married, Bryan filled in for him then. So, Bryan came to the group already knowing most of the material.

    The Perry’s were ON Saturday night. The harmony was amazing, there was only one time I noticed any stack track at all, and it was very minimal. The comedy seemed spontanious, and there were times when even Joseph and Bryan seemed to think things going on between Libbi and Tracy were very funny.

    Part of that may have had to do with the fact that there were two ladies who, whenever any thing funny was said, laughed WAY too loud. It was almost embarrassing. I think that maybe this had some effect on the group, and it made every thing seem funny, even for them.

    I only noticed one time where anyone had to give the words to Bryan. Tracy said they had only had time to run through two songs, but, if that was true, none of us could tell. The blend was almost perfect. Bryan seemed to really be enjoying himself.

    The only thing that I noticed that seemed to be a little off was that Bryan was running the computer that ran the soundtracks. He did fine, but several times through the evening, he seemed unsure as to when to start the track. Several times, Tracy would turn around and give him the cue, but, sometimes, Bryan was left on his own, and seemed to be looking to someone, ANYONE, for the time to start. There were no obvious mess ups in that regard, and the evening went smoothly.

    Jospeh Habedank is in a league all by himself. Some of his family were in attendence, and maybe that was a part of the reason for the spark he seemed to be singing with, but, whatever the case, he was ON. As the old saying goes, I could listen to him sing the phonebook.

    My wife and daughter went to the concert with me, and my wife went because I wanted her to. She did not consider herself to be a Perry’s fan. That changed after Saturday evening. She said that she was SO impressed with how real they seemed. Rather than trying to impress, as we have seen some groups do, the Perry’s seemed way more interested in connecting with the audience.

    It was a great evening, and God was glorified.

  5. Thanks for posting my video, Daniel! I’ve had a busy weekend and I only had the chance to read the blog update from my email, so I didn’t see that you had included the video… whoops 😉 .

    • You’re welcome, and likewise, thank you for posting it!