Gold City to comment on Cobb dismissal

In the wee hours of the morning, Gold City posted this to their Facebook page:

I know everybody has questions about why we “dismissed” Josh. We will release a statement tomorrow, but please don’t jump to conclusions. Josh did an incredible job here, and this was not an easy decision. We love Josh and wish things had worked out.

Cobb has also indicated that he loves them, so here’s to everything working out well for all parties involved in the end.

(This post is somewhat of a placeholder; with the press release anticipated today, there’s not much point in trying to change the topic of discussion!)

UPDATE, 6:52 PM: Gold City hires Brent Mitchell.

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  1. It depends on their definition of tomorrow. As Kyle well knows, I consider their post to have been made today. 😀

    • Yeah, but groups are not accustomed to releasing press releases on Saturday.

  2. I am hoping all works out for both GC and Josh. I am anxious to hear who the replacement is going to be. I have a couple predictions but don’t want to say who I think. LOL! 😉 Thanks for the post Daniel.

  3. It is good the hear from Gold City…but the order of events just don’t make sense…I think it could have been handled better, but we all make mistakes!

    • I agree with you. I think if it were handled differently then all of this could have been a lot smoother.

  4. …a day is as a thousand years…

  5. I’m going to see Gold City tomorrow as part of the 102.7 WGUS birthday bash here in North Augusta, SC. I can let you all know what goes on…such as who is present, how it sounds, etc. 🙂

    • Definitely let us know – we’d love to hear!

    • Good thing I use my last name. 🙂 Another Wes? Uh-oh….

    • I’ll be there too Wes. Do you live in the area? Email me at my user name @

  6. For those of you who are curious Steve Lard will be filling in for GC this weekend

    • Steve Lard…I’m sorry, but that’s a funny typo. Right up there with the time that the Singing News had “Brain Free” listed as a nominee for Favorite Tenor.

  7. My funniest typo is unprintable. Let’s just say that I forgot the fist letter of the lowest part in a male quartet….

    • Ahh… I agree! I’ve done that!

      It’s especially bad when you add ‘singer’ afterwords and accidentally replace the ‘g’ with another ‘n’!!!!

      Spellcheck doesn’t catch those typos!

  8. Steve Ladd?? Interesting….

  9. I just read on Wikipedia that Brent Mitchell would be singing tenor for Gold City!

    • Yes, and I just put up the post as you were commenting. 🙂

  10. Yep, it is Brent Mitchell.