Dixie Melody Boys hire Matt Felts

About two weeks ago, Dixie Melody Boys tenor Jonathan Price left the group to join the Dove Brothers. Price’s replacement will be Matt Felts, who has sung with Monument Quartet and, most recently, Perfect Heart.

This is significant for the Dixie Melody Boys since it’s the first time they have hired a “name,” a singer recognized from previous groups, in a number of years.

Felts commented to SouthernGospelBlog.com about the move: “It is an honor to be a part of their rich heritage. To say I’m excited to sing with these men is an understatement. I look forward to the future of this legendary group.”

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  1. That is very interesting. Usually, Ed Oneal will get an up and coming singer and make them in to a great singer. Looking forward to hearing DMB with Matt though. Congratulations Matt! Thanks for the post Daniel.

  2. Ed O’Neal University must have added a Master’s Degree program.

    • Awesome Mr. Grigsby! Guess I never thought of that. LOL!

  3. who is matt felts? Is he any good?

    • He is good. He was briefly with Cross 4 Crowns when Dallas Rogers left them. He has a good range and is an all around good singer. I am anxious to hear him when HE gets ready to graduate from the Ed Oneal University! LOL!

  4. Sourceofpower: if you read Daniels post, Felts has been with Monument Quartet and Perfect Heart as well as the Skyline Boys. I think you will like him. He is a traditional SG tenor and has a great high range. He should really bring a lot to the Dixie’s. I actually thought of him for Gold City but I think he is a better fit with Ed. I like that “masters program”. Too funny.