Lauren Talley gets engaged

Roger and Debra Talley announced yesterday that their daughter Lauren has become engaged to former Southern Sound / Tribute Quartet tenor Brian Alvey. Alvey now works in the group’s office; Talley will continue to perform with the group.

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  1. MANY congratulations and best wishes to Lauren and Brian!

  2. Great for Lauren and Brian.
    Looks like Lauren will keep on traveling with her family (Talley Trio) and their family (Lauren & Brian) sometime way into future.
    Brian plays the piano which is very nice and complimentary to the families.

  3. Neat! I’d seen her hedge around when they asked if she had a boyfriend. I am glad … I’m just glad for her. She seems like a really sweet young lady that deserves a really good life. I wish her all the best. (She’s just a few years older than I am, so maybe that’s part of why I feel an interest.)

  4. Great news! Best wishes for a very long and happy marriage. 🙂

  5. I am very happy for both Lauren and Brian. As many of you already know, Brian is like a song to me. He and Lauren are both briming with talent. I would like to see him singing rather than just doing the office work, but thats just me. My love and best wishes to both of them.

  6. that should read “son to me”

    • I was about to comment right as you posted your follow-up – for a singer as good as he is, though, I suppose that could go either way!

  7. I’ve been told that Brian was the only backup vocals on Lauren’s last solo cd.

    • Then I guess you’ve been told correctly!

  8. My little brother is devastated. LOL! He has had a crush on her for years!!! We saw them at NQC and he was afraid he was about to lose her. LOL!!! Wishing them the very best. Lauren is an amazing singer and seems like such a sweet lady. Thanks for the post Daniel!

  9. Aw! That’s so sweet 😀 Congratulations to Lauren and Brian!!!

  10. A few months back we had the pleasure of working with the Talley’s and to get to know them a bit better. They are great folks and very easy to work with. Our tenor singer, Mike Young, is forever losing his cell phone, so to help him even further, we hid it from him. Lauren had it and kept it until the concert was over. She was a lot of fun and it was great seeing her willing to help prank Mike, who never supected Lauren at all. Great fun! Brian and Lauren will make a great SG couple.

  11. yes many congrats to Lauren Talley.

  12. Brian Alvey is my cousin and I’m SOO happy he found such a great girl! I love listening to him sing because he’s amazing and I hope he will sing with Lauren some! Sooo happy for you Brian! And you too Lauren! Looking forward to the wedding!! 🙂

  13. Congratulations Lauren and Brian! I had the privilage of seeing The Talley Trio in September, and Lauren seems like a very nice woman. Congratulations!!!