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Perhaps this is something that only interests web designers, but I confess to being fascinated by traffic statistics. Since Musicscribe recently posted recent numbers, and it seems to be a slow news day (so far), for whatever it’s worth, here you go: [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]

  • Yesterday: 2,985 unique visits / 6,872 page views
  • Last Week: 16,698 unique visits / 44,369 page views
  • This month to date: 42,911 unique visits / 104,650 page views
  • Last month: 52,377 unique visits / 117,733 page views
  • Year to date: 225,799 unique visits / 458,016 page views
  • Total to date: 641,252 unique visits / 1,072,595 page views

When I started this website, I hoped that one day I could number my daily readership in the hundreds. Numbers like these boggle my mind.

Thank you all for coming back time and again…and giving me a good reason to do the same.

EDIT (5/21/08, 12:39 PM): It just occurred to me to post total visits / page views since the start of this blog. Turns out I just passed 1 million page views a few weeks ago and didn’t even know it.

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  1. Congrats, Daniel! One Million page views is a LOT! I appreciate all the work and effort that goes in your blog.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Just goes to show that people on the internet just don’t have enough to do, haha.

  4. A great accomplishment! I like being one of the readers to see your blog grow with each posting and comment. Keep up the good work, Daniel!

  5. I actually wondered about these stats before you posted them. Just out of curiosity, do you have a number for how many people have commented or registered to comment on here?

  6. You don’t have to register to comment, so I do not know. Some blogs do have that, and I could enable it, but I don’t want to put people to that trouble.

    I can tell you, though, that there have been 4161 comments on 772 posts and 6 pages.

  7. OK. That is sufficiently interesting. 🙂 It appears that you have to moderate a person’s first comment, and I just thought that that might create a list.

  8. Yes, I do. But the only way I know of to create a list is either (a) have everyone set up accounts or (b) go through and count. And unfortunately (or is that fortunately?), I have too much going on to have time for option b!

  9. 😀 That’s quite alright!