Pray for Steven Curtis Chapman’s family

While this blog isn’t covering CCM news, this transcends genres. As much because I support adoption as anything else, I have been aware of CCM singer Steven Curtis Chapman’s efforts to promote international adoption through Shaohannah’s hope.

According to The Tenneseean, [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.] one of the three Chinese girls Chapman’s family adopted, Maria (age 5), was killed in a freak accident while playing outside in their family’s driveway. One of her older brothers was driving a vehicle and did not see her in the driveway.

This is the kind of thing that nobody with a driver’s license wants to think about…but we must, so that hopefully it does not happen closer to home.

EDIT: As my readers remind me, Chapman did write / co-write several Southern Gospel hits, “I Can See the Hand” (Cathedrals) and “Sing With the Angels” (Gold City).

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  1. it is so tragic to hear about this… this is where the faith that we sing about and preach about is exercised. Let’s remember the family in our prayers for God’s comfort, but also for the Chapman’s faith, that it would remain strong in this time. As we all know, the devil kicks us when we’re down… i read the story and i just wept because you never know when things like this happen, and we shrug our shoulders and look up to heaven and question God about it so easily. We must remember that God is good all the time.

  2. So very sad! The family needs our prayers!

    And Daniel… I believe this post is SG noteworthy. Didn’t Chapman write “I Can See The Hand” recorded by the Cathedrals?

  3. #2, Yes he did, he also wrote “Sing With The Angels” recorded by Gold City

  4. You’re right. I believe he also wrote a song for Gold City, but the title escapes me just now.

  5. Beat you to it Daniel! 🙂

  6. Wes, looks like we cross-posted. Thanks for thinking of it!

  7. Wow…. I didn’t realize that!

  8. Our hearts are moved by the loss of this dear child…our prayers are with the family…God is certainly One who is totally aware of our grief…we commit this family to Him today.

  9. I believe Stephen Curtis Chapman also co wrote “My Redeemer Is Faithful and True” that Gordon Mote sings. That is one of my favorite songs.

  10. We do need to pray for this family. Steven Curtis Chapman wrote the most beautiful song that Michael Booth sings The Secret Room. If you don’t have Michael’s new cd please buy it just for that song. I can see that song becoming a hit before long. God is so good and we have to keep on going until he calls us home or he comes (Which I would love), but this young man is one of the finest young men we have.

  11. Amen. He has blessed my life more than once…and for many years. We also need to pray for the “son” driving that vehicle.



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