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Alexa is a website that ranks most websites by the amount of traffic they receive. The system is not fool-proof; it only tracks website activity for those individuals who have downloaded and installed its Alexa Toolbar. (For the record, I am not one of them.) So if more fans of one website have the toolbar than fans of another website, that website’s ranking will be disproportionately high.

Southern Gospel’s fans tend to be older, and perhaps less tech-savvy than those who frequent web design or graphic design websites. So Southern Gospel’s numbers might be a little lower than they ought to be. But with that understood, here are the current numbers for various well-known websites in our genre.

News Websites

  • #489,653 – Singing News (this includes traffic)
  • #811,627 – SoGospelNews (including forums traffic)
  • #2,708,111 – Musicscribe
  • #2,936,024 – Southern Gospel Reporter
  • #5,054,998 –
  • #6,219,937 – Burke’s Brainwork
  • #11,746,604 – Coomer Cove
  • #18,849,662 – Southern Gospel Critique

Artist Websites

  • #328,846 –
  • #1,292,924 – Perrys
  • #2,213,751 – Greater Vision
  • #2,773,725 – Gold City
  • #3,157,672 – Booth Brothers
  • #3,452,951 – Triumphant Quartet
  • #3,753,002 – Legacy Five
  • #4,313,944 – Chuck Wagon Gang
  • #4,357,996 – Dove Brothers
  • #6,225,491 – Browns
  • #6,628,871 – Cathedral Quartet
  • #7,110,742 – Florida Boys
  • #7,486,654 – Dixie Echoes
  • #7,662,303 – Kingdom Heirs
  • #14,997,029 – Liberty Quartet
  • #16,080,719 – Mark Trammell Trio
  • #17,015,256 – Collingsworth Family (which is a shame, with all the photos they post!)
  • #18,052,421 – Melody Boys Quartet

These searches can be tricky; all blogspot blogs come up with a ranking of “9,” since that is the site’s overall ranking. Signature Sound’s website is part of MusicCityNetworks, and so ranked (in the 40,000s) counting the combined traffic from many different artists’ sites.

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  1. In our favor, I think we in the younger generation (I’m 24) are getting to be bigger fans of southern gospel music. In all honesty, as time goes on, the face of southern gospel changes, but the themes are timeless. Great info. Thanks for sharing!