Brian Alvey joins Tribute Quartet

The Beckie Simmons Agency (Tribute’s booking agency) has announced that Tribute Quartet has hired Brian Alvey as their new tenor. Tribute Quartet – whose website appears to be down at the moment – recently lost their tenor, Jacob Kitson, to Greater Vision.

Alvey is 29 and hails from Jasper, Indiana. His previous experience in professional Southern Gospel was singing tenor for Southern Sound.

I am optimistic that this will work out well for the group, since anyone who can get this kind of recommendation from their former boss must be pretty good:

I was in hopes GV would hire Brian Alvey from Indiana. He would have been a great fit, plus he plays piano, guitar, steel, bass and drums in studio quality. He would have been a great addition to GV.

That comment was by Ben Harris, owner/manager of Southern Sound, originally in reference to the Greater Vision job.

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  1. Just to clarify a point. I am not the owner nor manager of Southern Sound Quartet. The performing members are equal partners and owners of the group. I am no more the boss than anyone else is. We do everything by vote, and I do mean everything, right down to Mexican or Chinese? We have Mike Young on tenor, me on lead, Trevor Haley baritone, Alan Brewster on bass, and Barry Patrick on piano. My stint as manager of the group is in carrying out the wishes of the group and nothing more. They are a great bunch of guys. We have never had a cross word, and I can’t wait to get on the bus each week. I have never had so much fun as I do with these great Christian men.

    I am a believer in Brian Alvey as a singer and musician. Brian was our piano player up until the time we lost a tenor singer to another group. Brian then, on a moments notice, took over the tenor spot and remained with the group as tenor until the end of that calender year. The drive from Indiana to Nashville was long and at the time it was taking its toll on Brian. We were sad to lose him, but I am happy to see him back in Southern Gospel with a great bunch of guys, even Josh I will include in that estimation :).

    Although Brian is a great musician, I am glad he will now be singing, for I believe that is his first love. Brian has filled in for us on a few occassions. Just recently on a Texas trip he filled in for Trevor Haley on baritone while Trevor was taking care of his wife and new born baby girl. Brian did an excellent job and I would have not expected anything else from him, as he is a perfectionist.

    It is amazing to see God’s hand at work. I think Brian is now in a better position than ever, and Southern Sound has the strongest lineup we have ever had, and more important, the most stable we have ever had.

    I wish Tribute Quartet all the best in the world and will continue to pray for their continued success. Brian is a great addition to any group, but more importantly, I think Tribute is a great addition for Brian. Keep up the good work guys and we will be in your corner all the way.

  2. Wasn’t Alvey also with Anthony Facello’s group, Crossroad and/or From The Ashes?

  3. I believe it was Beyond the Ashes, Brandon!! And, yes, he was with them when I visited their booth at NQC. I don’t know what has happened since then.

  4. Ben, for some reason, I had always assumed that you owned and managed Southern Sound as well. I guess it just seemed that someone as knowlegdable and experienced as you are would be in charge.

  5. Ben, thanks for your clarification. I apologize for the mistake on the ownership issue.

  6. No need to apologize at all. It is a common mistake, but I did want to give our guys a bit of credit, as they are very knowledgable in music and the business of Southern Gospel singing. I act as chariman of the board so to speak, I suppose, but Southern Sound is very much a democracy. Our guys are due a great deal of respect for their hard work and integrity. I seem to be the more public figure within our group, and as the guys like to remind me far too often, the elder statesman of the group. Hmmmmmm, wondering if they’re trying to tell me something?

  7. If I’m not mistaken, these are 2 different people. The baritone for Beyond The Ashes has a different spelling of his name, something like Alvery. They did not have 2 tenor singers.
    This is Brian Alvey.
    At least I think that’s the way it was???………..Who is who?????????

  8. Ok, I was mistaken.
    Found the website, and sure enough, this is the same person.

  9. Isn’t this the guy who just joined the Talleys and married Lauren Talley? Or is that a different Brian Alvey?

    • Same Brian Alvey; this story on which you have just commented is over three years old. 🙂