Alex Woolard leaves Driven?

Personnel changes happen so often in Southern Gospel that sometimes groups don’t bother to send out a press release. So often the first and sometimes the only way we hear about personnel changes is when someone attends one of their concerts and the group announces that a new individual is either filling in or is their new member.

Lottie Squires, a radio personality with WKCB 780, pens the Front Row Follies blog. Her June 3 concert update includes this comment:

I’ve got about a million pictures of Driven Quartet, so I thought I’d give them a break from camera flashes on Friday night.  But then I got into the church, and Roger and Mary Anne told me that Scott Penuel was filling in with them; Alex has taken a church in Georgia and isn’t able to travel anymore.

“Alex” is Alex Woolard, Driven’s tenor.

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