Saturday News Roundup #16

Just for fun, I decided to count how many news roundup posts I’ve done. I’ve done 15 to date, so that makes this one #16. Here are some of the stories that I didn’t get to over the week:

  • Legacy Five baritone Scott Howard had an emergency appendectomy a day or two ago, while Legacy Five was on their Hawaiian cruise. The surgery went without complications and he is on the mend.
  • The Prophets Quartet announced the release of their (re)debut project, I’ll Follow. It includes a song I wrote, “One Thing the Father Forgets,” featuring bass singer Mike Allen. This is the first time a Southern Gospel group has recorded one of my songs. (While I write most of my songs solo, this one I co-wrote with Prophets lead singer Paul Jackson.) [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Greater Vision tenor Jacob Kitson’s brother-in-law, Dave Mann, has joined Eighth Day, a mixed trio. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] Kitson and Mann previously performed together in The Kitsons, a regional (Michigan) Southern Gospel group.
  • Vine Records will be releasing the final project by Naomi and the Segos, Happy Ending, on June 24. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]
  • The Collingsworth Family will be featured on Daniel Britt & Friends next week. The program will air on XM Satellite Radio’s enLighten 34 at 7 PM ET Monday, 10 PM ET Thursday, and 12 Noon ET Saturday.

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  1. Slight correction on the Naomi album. The street date is July 15. The Vine press release giving the June 24 date was incorrect.

  2. Hey Daniel – according to the liner notes on the Prophets CD – you co-wrote two songs – “One Thing the Father Forgets” and “I Just Call It Home”.

  3. What on earth? ❗ 😯 That’s one of the most surprising things I’ve heard in a while. I’m trying to think if any song I sent to Paul could have been adapted and re-named with that name, but none come to mind.

  4. I’m just saying what’s in the packaging…

  5. Paul Jackson commented on the SN forums that it was just a graphic designer’s error. It was a song he wrote by himself.

  6. Way to go Daniel. A co-wrote song can be a good thing.
    Ever heard of Lennon-McCartney?
    pretty good team…yep.


  7. The names sound vaguely familiar. Who are you talking about?

  8. OK, even I beat you on this one. I believe they were Beatles. 😀

  9. (And I don’t mean that in any negative way at all. I actually like it when folks are talking about celebrities and I have no idea who they are.)

  10. Hey Amy!
    DJM is pulling our leg…anybody who knows anything about music and/or music history (he claims to), knows who those british cats are. You know. it’s called “the british invasion”

    “She Loves Me yeh yeh yeh!”
    “I Wanna Hold your hand”
    “Twist and Shout”

    and the list goes on…


  11. OK, when I think about it, I do know that they are Beatles. But show me a group picture and I couldn’t tell you which was which. And I’ve never listened to (or at any rate through) a Beatles song. I don’t intend to, either. 🙂

  12. missing some great musical stuff…might help your songwriting…they got some pretty good and then some unique lyrics. I know several Beatles songs that you would like. Know a bunch that you would hate too.

    I heard a great SG arranger say one time, that he almost never listened to SG music. He said that he loved to listen outside the genre in order to broaden his musical horizons…for the sake of his creativity. Sounded smart to me.
    But i am just the gospel hog.

    Anybody wanna name your favorite Beatles tunes?


  13. DM…did we catch you fibbing back on comment 7 ?


  14. No, not really. I was just underemphasizing what I knew. I’ve heard the names, but that’s about it. As I said, no way I could pick them out of a lineup.

    BTW, I do listen to classical occasionally, Praise & Worship often enough to play it for church, and Inspirational from time to time.

    But I haven’t (and won’t) listen to secular music. There’s enough worthwhile in Christian music.

  15. Who cares if you wrote the song? If they put your name beside the title, DEMAND your royalties! 🙂

    Don’t feel bad, Daniel when Lennon died in 1980, I had no idea who he was. Of course, I was 10 years old, but most ten year olds probably knew about the beatles.

    BTW, I have always thought Yoko Ono would have made a good first tenor for a quartet….LOL

  16. No Grigs…Yoko was definitely a baritone with a tenor’s complex! Amen.


  17. Maybe Southern Gospel artists should come together and do a tribute to the Beatles. Whad’ya think? LOL!!

  18. For some reason, the GVB song “The Home Of Your Dreams” made me think of the Beatles.

  19. Seaton,
    The Inspirations would do a great version of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and The McKameys could cover “Come Together”.

  20. Grigs,
    I don’t know. I think the McKameys would sound better doing “Eleanor Rigby”. LOL!

  21. My dad finds that a lot of GVB stuff makes him think of the Beatles. 😯

  22. Give me Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys any day…. 🙂